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ROX is an attempt to bring some of the metaphors which stood RISC OS above the crowd to Unix-like systems. Here are some programs/patches I've written to go improve it.

Mozilla drag and drop

These patches are now included in the Filer, as of January 2004 and April 2004


A minimalist GTK+ 2.0 front end for wget - basically just providing a progress bar and log information. If set as the download handler in the latest versions of ROX-Filer, improves the ROX desktop experience by providing a much better interface whilst links dragged from Mozilla are saved.

[Screenshot of gtk2-wget]

Requires libgtk2-perl and wget

gtk2-wget | Pretty-printed source


A complete packaging and ROX-ification of Gaim - an instant messaging client. Patches include changing the menubars to popup, context-sensitive menus, using CHOICESPATH and being relocatable.

Gaim.tar.bz2 (source, 5.2MB) | Gaim-Linux-ix86.tar.bz2 (x86 binary, 7.9MB) | [Gaim]