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I enjoy programming - been doing it since I was 8 - and getting a computer to do something for you, to specificaly meet a challenge you've got, is a fantastic feeling. Doing it for someone else can be less fun, so at home I don't currently do a great deal of it; I'm hoping this'll change in the future.

On the left you'll see some of the small personal software I've written; all in Perl or Java or for an EPOC R5 (ie. Psion) PDA. Web-based software I've written, and host here, can be found in the Tools section and on the TV pages; the source code of which can also be downloaded. is a small Perl script which demonstrates how to authenticate a given username & password against Google. I use this with mod_auth_external (with caching) to get Google Apps authentication with Subversion. YMMV.

Peridot is a system devised by Megan Beynon and myself for which we led an internship programme in summer 2004 at IBM Hursley. Some related information:

Elsewhere, outside of this website, Jaffa Software provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for RISC OS; and Salvare is a credit-card sized Linux distribution designed for use both as a rescue environment and temporary workstation. C7 Services is a consultancy specialising in automotive IT contract work.

The much discussed WIMP OS (an attempt to produce a fully ROX-Filer, Linux-kernel, ZeroInstall based operating system inspired by RISC OS) is largely on-hold pending both a proper website and a sub-alpha release. However the work in progress and envfs which drives it can be downloaded.