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A tool for converting JBuilder .jpx project files into Eclipse projects.

This Perl script converts a JPX file (and its associated .library definitions into an Eclipse project (.classpath and .project primarily). If the project is a J2EE web-app, it will also create a .tomcatplugin file which is used by Sysdeo's Tomcat plugin and an Ant build.xml for packaging the WAR file.


Currently requires Perl, but at some point may be changed to be an Eclipse plugin for direct importing of JPX files.

jpx2eclipse MyProject.jpx

Then, in Eclipse, select File > Import... > Existing Projects into Workspace and open the directory containing the JPX file.


The script has been tested, successfully, on:

Please note that due to the nature of this script, I will not be able to take feature requests or bug reports unless accompanied by a patch. If, however, the script does work for you (by some weird freak of nature) then please let me know so I can update the above list.
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