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Mozilla's bookmarks are stored in a single HTML file called bookmarks.html - bkmrkconv will convert this file into a series of web pages which, by default, can mimic the style of a Yahoo-like portal.



Two examples are included, the templates I use for my own bookmarks site and a simpler template showing that it doesn't necessarily have to look that way... It is strongly encouraged to change/redesign/produce your own templates to give your site an air of individualism.


Some of the common questions I receive are answered here...

Why aren't links included in the root page?
This is just because the example root page doesn't include a <!--LINK-->...<!--/LINK--> section - if you add one of these your index page will contain any links in the root of your Netscape bookmarks file.
Are folders containing "(P)" ignored entirely?
Yes, all the contents recursively are ignored.
I've found a bug - what do I do? or I've got an idea for a new feature, how do I let you know?
Report it to me at It will be appreciated.


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21k / v1.12 (12-Nov-2006)
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