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Collection, Processing and Presentation of Online News

The Internet (and, more specifically, the World Wide Web) has revolutionised news delivery with subject specific online news sites carrying definitive news as it happens. However, with so many sites to check for interesting news much time can be spent just waiting for the sites to load - this project will change that.


The popularisation of the World-Wide Web has produced many online news sites (such as Slashdot and BBC Online) and online versions of traditional newspapers (eg. The Times). Some of the sites are subject specific (for example, The Register deals with technology news) whilst others are more general. However, most users' information needs cannot be dealt with by just one site and so many sites will be read either once in the morning or throughout the day. Yet the bandwidth available results in slow access times and hence an infuriated user, meaning the traditional newspapers have yet to be replaced.

This project will search specified news sites and locally cache stories of interest to the user for later display: rules will be entered by the user to find stories which will interest them. The program will run in two modes, a quiet "gather mode" which will find the stories and cache them without any user intervention and the "display mode" which will allow the user to read their stored stories, configure the program and so on.


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Paperboy is now available to download under the Artistic Licence. Please download it, write new plugins for it and/or comment on it, otherwise it won't grow as quickly as it might...

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