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Desktop utilities - and software for - portable devices such as PDAs (in particular Psions running EPOC), and portable media players (eg. MP3 and video transcoding).


Useful for transcoding radio programmes to MP3s for listening on portable devices (eg. the Archos Gmini 400 or any other MP3 player). It will try to be clever about ID3 tags and output filenames, and can even automatically copy the resulting MP3 elsewhere using SCP (if required).

Key features

Requires mplayer (with RealAudio codecs) and LAME. It should also work (or be trivial to modify) with Windows Media streams or, in fact, anything else mplayer can handle.
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Slurps information from H2G2, the Earth Edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and outputs it in various formats including plain text, XML and TomeRaider/TR2 formats.

README | hhgg2xml.tar.gz
10k / v1.51 (25-Jan-2001)
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Converts the article format used by the PGG into TomeRaider format.

1.8k / v1.00 (14-Jan-2000)
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Wrapper scripts for Perl, Java and (potentially) Python for Nik Murray's Shell5 UNIX-like shell for EPOC. Also includes a wrapper for Symbian's text editor allowing it to be called as emacs ;-)

Also included is a simple FTP client using X-Soft's FTP.opx.

20k / v0.04 (01-May-2001)