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Widescreen/stereo/subtitles flags (was Re: [TV] Hi)

In list.comp.tv, Ed wrote:
>Holden wrote:
>> Probably the most usable way would be to include a pre-defined attribute
>> for each so we could have Widescreen="true" or something like that :-)
> I would have thought that this was the "XML Way" as well...

Agreed. Any preferences on syntax?

       <flags widescreen="true" blackandwhite="true">

The "best" way would probably be to abstract this to:

       <aspect medium="analogue">4:3</aspect>
       <aspect medium="digital">16:9</aspect>

Other options for 'audio' could, theoretically, include 5.1 on certain
Sky movie channels (IIRC). Perhaps the 'aspect' should be given as
standard 12F12, 16F16, 16L12 etc. See the thread below for more info:


Of course, some of this data would have to be guessed or may not be
available at all, but at least we'll be reserving room for future



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