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Re: [TV] Hi

> > Ahh yes. The listings are now being sourced from each channel's own
> > listings information: this, unfortunately, means the information is not
> > consistent. Things like year for film are one of the biggest losses, but
> > if anyone's got any suggestions for meta-data which is guessable from
> > the programme title/time/date/description that'd be great.
> >
> > As for not including stereo/teletext information, I've yet to decide how
> > best to represent this in the XML: as a generic string of flags? Some
> > predefined attributes, eg. widescreen (either on analogue or digital);
> > black & white; stereo; subtitles; (and others)? Opinions on this would
> > be very welcome :-)
> Probably the most usable way would be to include a pre-defined attribute
> for each so we could have Widescreen="true" or something like that :-)

I would have thought that this was the "XML Way" as well...