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Re: [TV] Hi

In list.comp.tv, Edward Wildgoose wrote:
> a) Is there an archive of this list?

Not at the moment - given this is only the third mail (yours was the
second!) I was waiting to see what the take-up/demand for it would be.
I'll probably try and sort out an archive soon, though.
> b) I would be interested to know whether I could use the XML data from the
> tv2 site as a replacement from that from xmltv.  The main change would be
> whether it would be possible to get a few extra fields added to the XML
> feed, for example "genre" (ie movie, documentary, etc).  Also, usage of the
> RFC channel names would be nice.

I had a quick look at xmltv when deciding on the XML format for the
bleb data, but given the amount of traffic received it was rather
complex. It would certainly be possible to write an interface between my
XML and the XMLTV DTD - I'd be willing to put this (say as a CGI script)
on bleb, so a URL of the form:


...returned XMLTV data for BBC 1 and BBC2 for today, tomorrow and the
day after.

> c) What is the story with bleb?  It looks great, the data is better than
> available elsewhere, however, why is there a /tv and a /tv2 site?  Why is
> the data on the /tv2 site not a superset of the /tv data (the /tv data looks
> more complete?).

/tv was my original site which, for a variety of reasons, needed
rewriting (the fact the upstream provider now only provides 3 days worth
of listings was one).

/tv2 is the *beta* version of the new site, there are still some
features missing but which are available on /tv (eg. customising of the
multi-channel view). Once /tv2 is at a similar level of functionality to
/tv the old version will be switched off.

As for the data on /tv being more complete, in what way?

> Good luck.  This all looks very promising.

Thanks very much. There are a variety of people developing interesting
solutions using the XML data, so helpfully this list will help and
support that.



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