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Re: [TV] Hi

In list.comp.tv, Ed wrote:
[big snip]
> However, perhaps if no one yet cares about the exact naming in the XML then
> we could make the original more like whatever xmltv uses anyway?  (Your data
> though, over to you)

Basic changes are acceptable, but I want to keep the XML as simple as
possible (which, IMO, precludes the use of xmltv) so that it's easily
parsable without a full-blown XML parser and easy to understand at a
glance. Of course, there could be some debate as to whether or not the
second of those has been met ;-)

But yeah, generally changes are possible - perhaps the previously
mentioned transcoding CGI should be the interface, then a version of the
XML can be specified and backwards compatibility ensured. Hmm, sounds
like lots of work! ;-/



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