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Re: [TV] Hi

> > I had a quick look at xmltv when deciding on the XML format for the
> > bleb data, but given the amount of traffic received it was rather
> > complex. It would certainly be possible to write an interface between my
> > XML and the XMLTV DTD - I'd be willing to put this (say as a CGI script)
> > on bleb, so a URL of the form:
> >
> >     http://www.bleb.org/cgi-bin/xmltv.cgi?c=bbc1+bbc2&d=0+1+2
> >
> > ...returned XMLTV data for BBC 1 and BBC2 for today, tomorrow and the
> > day after.
> IMHO, the use of + and - days makes the system a little more
> complicated, as does having data from two different days in one XML file.
> If I were making the listings (which i'm not, and thanks _very_ much for
> providing them :-), i'd only include midnight-midnight listings in each
> file and allow retrieval by date rather than +/- days.

You did see that the xmltv project mandates that all the data is in one file

I know what you are saying, but "complex" is actually dependent on what you
want to do with the data I think.  For many uses a single file per day will
help, but for others a single file with everything is what we want.

In theory at least, when dealing with XML, then sticking it all in a single
file will still be easy to work with if your XML tool is any good because
you can just filter on the date field.

Also, on the theoretical cgi above it appears that it is no problem at all
to call the cgi 5 times to get 5 files once per day - so perhaps everyone is

Just to be clear, you can get the individual files today, the theoretical
CGI was to give compatibility to xmltv apps which means a certain format.  I
do hope that someone has time to knock up the cgi though.