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Re: [TV] basic qusetion - ireland, listings, howto?

Quoting Eoin Verling <everling@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> new to all this, etc ... looking back through the archive, and looking for
> the relevant commands, trying to get a "picture" of how things work, so
> bare with me ...
> As I see it (and feel free to insult me if I'm wrong!), in order to get a
> program guide (or EPG as I see some call it), you need to run a script
> (currently tv_grab_uk_rt from the xmltv package) that "talks" to a site
> (such as bleb.org) and downloads the relevant XML formatted file locally.
> So, questions that arise from there:-
> * XML and XMLTV - XML is a standard language, and XMLTV is a predefined
> format, written in XML?
> * tv_grab_uk_rt - is there an equivalent script written to fetch from
> bleb.org?
> * Ireland - I notice there's no mention of good old RTE and other such
> channels on bleb.org ... any plans to include them? Is it "not as simple
> as that"? Know of any relevant links?

tv_grab_uk_rt has all the channels you can receive that are specific to ireland:

bbc1 ni
bbc2 ni

i use xmltv (tv_grab_uk_rt for now) with mythtv

> cheers
> Eoin
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