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basic qusetion - ireland, listings, howto?


new to all this, etc ... looking back through the archive, and looking for 
the relevant commands, trying to get a "picture" of how things work, so 
bare with me ...

As I see it (and feel free to insult me if I'm wrong!), in order to get a 
program guide (or EPG as I see some call it), you need to run a script 
(currently tv_grab_uk_rt from the xmltv package) that "talks" to a site 
(such as bleb.org) and downloads the relevant XML formatted file locally. 

So, questions that arise from there:-

* XML and XMLTV - XML is a standard language, and XMLTV is a predefined 
format, written in XML?

* tv_grab_uk_rt - is there an equivalent script written to fetch from 

* Ireland - I notice there's no mention of good old RTE and other such 
channels on bleb.org ... any plans to include them? Is it "not as simple 
as that"? Know of any relevant links?