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Re: [TV] basic qusetion - ireland, listings, howto?

I'm guessing it's not going to work well on my Linux PVR machine which
is controlled only using a small remote control?
Depends ... it works on a TiVo ;)
OK, I'll bite.  How do I use it on a Linux box, or even a TiVo?
Remember no Windows machines allowed to complete this challenge..
Aha - you have clarified the rules ;)
There was no mention of no Windows machines being involved at all .. just
that you have a Linux PVR.
I made the reasonable assumption that if you wanted to make DigiGuide have
an effect on your PVR then you would have a Windows machine somewhere on
your network.

<picky mode>
Actually, I said, "I'm guessing it's not going to work well on my Linux PVR machine which is controlled only using a small remote control?". The emphasis being "ON" my PVR. Also, I would disagree about the "reasonable assumption" being that I have a windows machine. Sure, I have a couple of laptops running windows, but they are not reliable enough to be running 24x7, and I like to be able to click on the TV and quickly see what's on right now rather than having to find some Windoze PC just to check the current tv listings (would Sky plus boxes sell so well if you couldn't check what's on without a windows machine...)
</picky mode>

Windows drives me nuts actually. This laptop will barely make it through two-three weeks without a reboot, and it gradually gets sicker and sicker until I finally have to close everything down and restart it. The Linux machines are gradually taking over in my house simply because there is less mucking around, they do what I need to do without fuss, and they just sit there running all the time. It's not an blinkered advocacy thing, it's purely a statement that I find that I "get stuff done" on linux, and waste a lot of time mucking around on Windows. However, I do have some Windoze software that I prefer and hence the two laptops, mainly MS Visual Studio, and Adobe Photoshop. I also have an old SMC wireless 802.11a netcard and I don't think there is a linux driver (and I can't be bothered to buy an 802.11g card...). So I'm not a complete convert, just pick the best stuff for the job!

Latest (currently beta) version has a built-in skinnable web server - you
can no doubt imagine the possibilities.

As in: there is a "possibility" that my windows machine might still be running OK so that I can talk to it via a webbrowser... ;-)

Yeah, I get the idea, wait for the xmltv scraper for the DG...

Thanks for the pointers

Ed W