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RE: [TV] basic qusetion - ireland, listings, howto?

> >>>Depends how you want to use it. As I mentioned in the earlier email -
> >>>add-ins are possible.
> >>>So - many people are using DG as the EPG for their PVR. Mine
> is DABDig -
> >>>which in turn schedules recording  20 different sorts of TV/Radio
> >>>applications.
> >>I'm guessing it's not going to work well on my Linux PVR machine which
> >>is controlled only using a small remote control?
> >Depends ... it works on a TiVo ;)
> OK, I'll bite.  How do I use it on a Linux box, or even a TiVo?
> Remember no Windows machines allowed to complete this challenge..
Aha - you have clarified the rules ;)
There was no mention of no Windows machines being involved at all .. just
that you have a Linux PVR.
I made the reasonable assumption that if you wanted to make DigiGuide have
an effect on your PVR then you would have a Windows machine somewhere on
your network.
Anyway - the basic mechanism is easy enough (to schedule events from
DigiGuide to something else) - I don't have any great claims for what I have
done. In the case of the TiVo I just fire-and- forget a URL at the
non-standard hacked box (i.e. including network card, TiVoWeb and Manrec)


> Anyway, my personal project plug aside!  Digiguide is very impressive, I
> hope that one day they can move to a more open platform - I would love
> to pay some money to use it (I used to subscribe a few years back)
Some users have reported success running it under Wine - but I doubt that
this would satify a purist.
Latest (currently beta) version has a built-in skinnable web server - you
can no doubt imagine the possibilities.