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Re: [TV] basic qusetion - ireland, listings, howto?

Paul Webster wrote:

Depends how you want to use it. As I mentioned in the earlier email -
add-ins are possible.
So - many people are using DG as the EPG for their PVR. Mine is DABDig -
which in turn schedules recording  20 different sorts of TV/Radio
I'm guessing it's not going to work well on my Linux PVR machine which is controlled only using a small remote control?
Depends ... it works on a TiVo ;)

OK, I'll bite. How do I use it on a Linux box, or even a TiVo? Remember no Windows machines allowed to complete this challenge..

Personally I use Mythtv (www.mythtv.org) which acts rather like an MS Media center (with less virus's and fewer blue screens), or a Tivo, etc. I can pull up an onscreen EPG on the TV at any time, or if I prefer I can use any other machine via a webbrowser to pull up a web EPG (or even on a mobile phone if I want to be obstruse...)

Why not use the MS Media Center? Well, as we speak I am working on the Myth source to add a new audio output layer to use the JACK mixer. This will let me hook in Brutefir to do processing on all audio. Brutefir is an arbitrary FIR filtering engine which can do massive realtime multichannel convolution on audio, which lets me do some really funky stuff like measuring the imperfections in in my HiFi system, inverting the response and basically "fixing" any problems. (Think near perfect HiFi if you are into that kind of thing). I'm not even aware of a general purpose multichannel convolver for Windows, so that fact that I can easily knock up 40 lines of code and hook one into all my audio output on Linux is quite impressive.

Anyway, my personal project plug aside! Digiguide is very impressive, I hope that one day they can move to a more open platform - I would love to pay some money to use it (I used to subscribe a few years back)

Ed W