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RE: [TV] basic qusetion - ireland, listings, howto?

Quoting Paul Webster <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I don't know if Andrew has any plans - but - just for your info - there is a
> commercial offering called DigiGuide (less than 10GBP per year) that
> provides UK and Irish channels and can import XMLTV-syntax listings. It is a
> fully functional Windows application that also includes teh ability to set
> markers (looking out for programmes or text in the description) and taking
> actions like voice alert, launch external application (which could initiate
> recording on your PC) etc.
> I use it and like it a lot and have written add-ons for it.

i susbscribed to digiguide for a couple of years and was quite happy to but
stopped when it became clear that they wouldn't even entertain the idea of
exporting the data from their application. digiguide is indeed a very nice
application but i want to put the data into mythtv and therefore need the data.
money was not the issue. like a lot of people i was quite happy to pay for the
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