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Listings for Watch on Saturday, November 24 2018

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:10The Bill Moving On More gritty crime drama. A hijacked van is found with the driver gagged and bound in the back. Manson is surprised to see Amy Tennant's stepmother at the station. S21 Ep55 
07:00The Bill Chasing Shadows The iconic police drama set in the fictional London suburb of Sun Hill. PCs Valentine and Hardy discover a car on its roof and the driver about to give birth! S21 Ep56 
08:00The Bill A Different Type of Threat - Part 1: Gritty police drama. Fletcher goes undercover to infiltrate a right wing group, of which his boxing mate Euan Thomas is a member. S21 Ep57 
09:00The Bill A Different Type of Threat - Part 2: More crime-busting drama at Sun Hill. Webb learns the RDA are building a bomb, and plan to plant it so that Muslim terrorists are blamed. S21 Ep58 
10:00The Bill Love and Loss Law and order, Sun Hill-style. After a man reports his father's disappearance, the old man's body is found in a freezer. S21 Ep59 
11:00Doctor Who The Hungry Earth The timeless sci-fi drama, here with Matt Smith as the eccentric Time Lord. A drilling project awakens the reptilian Silurians, who want to reclaim Earth. S42 Ep8 
12:00Doctor Who Cold Blood Sci-fi fantasy with Matt Smith's time-hopping hero. Mankind and the Silurians teeter on the brink of all-out war. Can the Doctor ensure the two species' survival? S42 Ep9 
13:00Doctor Who Vincent and the Doctor Writer Richard Curtis whisks Matt Smith's Doctor away to 19th Century France for an appointment with Vincent van Gogh - and a terrifying monster! S42 Ep10 
14:00Doctor Who The Lodger Another adventure for Matt Smith's time-hopping hero. The Doctor must solve the mystery of a staircase that people go up but never go down. S42 Ep11 
15:00Doctor Who The Pandorica Opens Matt Smith's Time Lord here receives a terrible warning from his friends: the Pandorica - said to contain the most feared being in the cosmos - is opening. S42 Ep12 
16:00Doctor Who The Big Bang Matt Smith's first series as the titular Time Lord reaches a nail-biting climax. As the Stone Dalek closes in on the Doctor, reality's last hope is a little girl. S42 Ep13 
17:00Doctor Who The Impossible Astronaut Sci-fi adventure with Matt Smith as the time travelling hero. A series of mysterious envelopes leads the group to the Utah desert. S44 Ep1 
18:00Outnumbered The Cold Caller (Part 1): The acclaimed sitcom that strikes a chord with parents and children alike. Ben is determined to enter a school talent competition with an unusual double act. S4 Ep5 
18:40Outnumbered The Exchange Student (Part 2): Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner are put-upon parents in the brilliant sitcom. Mum must decide what to do about Jake's girlfriend. A new guest arrives. S4 Ep6 
19:20Outnumbered The Hamster / Rites of Passage: Award-winning family sitcom. Karen has trouble adapting to big school, Ben auditions for the school musical and Jake makes a foolish fashion choice. S5 Ep1 
20:00American Housewife Can't Hide it Anymore In the finale, Katie is under pressure to volunteer at her children's schools, so she hits upon a way of getting out of it - pretending she is pregnant. S1 Ep23 
20:30American Housewife The Snowstorm The family camping trip Greg has planned is cancelled when a snowstorm knocks out power to the Otto home, so he uses the blackout to set up a 'camping at home' experience. S1 Ep11 
21:00Wild Things Film A high-school counsellor is suspended after being accused of rape. Claim and counter-claim follow, revealing secrets that inspire a multitude of plot twists. 
23:15Motorway Cops Highway Robbery Real-life drama following Britain's traffic police. PCs Griffiths and Toal are involved in a high-speed chase which takes them into Birmingham city centre. Ep4 
00:20Cherry Healey: How to Get a Life Work & Play Cherry Healey investigates why people work and play so hard in today's society. She meets a man who works 20 hours a day and a single mum with four jobs. S1 Ep5 
01:30Judge Faith Pregnant and Pit Bit/Craigslist Fail Reality courtroom series. Cases include a dispute over a dog bite and a faulty item bought online. S1 Ep110 
01:50The Strain Gone But Not Forgotten Third series of the supernatural drama. As the infection enters a new phase, Setrakian and Eph are worried that there is more work to be done. S3 Ep4 
02:35Judge Faith She's a Slumlord from Hell Reality courtroom series featuring cases presided over by Judge Faith Jenkins. A resident brings a case against her landlady, who counter sues. S1 Ep7 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.