This week's UK TV & radio

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10:00Saturday Kitchen Live
11:30The Little Paris Kitchen:...
12:00Football Focus
13:00BBC News
13:15Bargain Hunt Ardingly
14:00Six Nations: Scotland v Wales
16:30Final Score
17:10BBC News
17:20BBC London News
17:30Celebrity Mastermind
18:00Pointless Celebrities
18:45Let It Shine: Live Final
20:25Casualty Slipping Under
22:15BBC News
22:30Match of the Day
23:45This Country
00:10Return from the River Kwai Film
01:45Weather for the Week Ahead
01:50BBC News
04:50This Is BBC Two
06:30They Flew Alone Film
08:10In Which We Serve Film
10:00Britain's Secret Seas
11:00Homes Under the Hammer
12:00Two Greedy Italians: Still Hungry
13:00Waterloo Film
15:10White Falcon, White Wolf:...
16:30University Challenge
17:00Only Connect
17:30The House That 100k Built Alistair & Karen
18:30Flog It! Ashbourne
19:30Grand Tours of the Scottish...
20:00Diana: Designing a Princess
20:30Dad's Army
21:00My Old Lady Film
22:45QI XL
23:30Albert Nobbs Film
01:15Youth Without Youth Film
03:15This Is BBC Two
06:00Unavailable >>
Channel 4
05:25Fifteen to One
06:20Mobil 1 The Grid
06:45The King of Queens Like Hell
07:10The King of Queens Sandwiched Out
07:35Everybody Loves Raymond The Sneeze
08:00Everybody Loves Raymond Christmas Present
08:30Frasier Bla-Z-Boy
09:00Frasier The Two Hundredth Episode
09:30The Big Bang Theory The Deception Verification
10:00The Big Bang Theory The Scavenger Vortex
10:30The Big Bang Theory The Raiders Minimization
11:00The Simpsons Homer at the Bat
11:30The Simpsons Separate Vocations
12:00Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night... ...Feast
13:00Come Dine with Me
13:30Come Dine with Me
14:00Come Dine with Me
14:30Come Dine with Me
15:00Come Dine with Me
15:30A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun
16:30Location, Location, Location
17:35Grand Designs
18:30Channel 4 News
19:00Penelope Keith's Favourite... ...Villages
20:00Great Canal Journeys
21:00Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Film (2014)
23:35Surrogates Film (2009)
01:15Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
02:05Hollyoaks Omnibus
04:15Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free
04:25Phil Spencer: Secret Agent
05:20Fifteen to One
06:00Peppa Pig Emily Elephant
06:05Peppa Pig Polly's Holiday
06:10Milkshake Monkey Monkey Sanctuary
06:15Milkshake Bop Box Explorers
06:20Paw Patrol
06:30Bob the Builder
06:45Fireman Sam Seeing Red
06:55Rupert Bear
07:05Olly the Little White Van Skyscraper Caper
07:10Wanda and the Alien Now You See Me, Now You Don't
07:20Angelina Ballerina Angelina and the Irish Jig
07:35Little Princess I Want My Duck
07:50Paw Patrol
08:00Blaze and The Monster Machines
08:25Noddy Toyland Detective
08:45Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Miss Cookie's Nature Trail
09:00Shimmer and Shine
09:25Peppa Pig Teddy's Day Out
09:35Peppa Pig Mysteries
09:40Peppa Pig The Rainbow
09:50Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom The New Wand
10:05Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
10:45Police Interceptors Unleashed
11:15Police Interceptors
12:15Police Interceptors
13:15Benefits Britain: Life On the Dole
14:15Benefits Britain: Life On the Dole
15:15The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door
16:15The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door
17:15Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords
18:10Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!
19:05NCIS: Los Angeles
20:00New: NCIS
20:555 News Weekend
21:00Football On 5: The Championship
22:00Football On 5: Goal Rush
22:30New: Stealing the Mona Lisa
23:30Police Interceptors Unleashed
03:10That's So...1985
04:00Bargain-Loving Brits in The Sun
04:50House Doctor
05:15Nick's Quest
05:40Angels Of Jarm
05:50Roary The Racing Car
06:00Peppa Pig George's Friend