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Listings for Watch on Sunday, November 19 2017

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:05Judge Faith One Less Brother/High-End Reality courtroom series. This edition features the case of a landlady who is unhappy with some bamboo cupboards. (Also in HD). S1 Ep90 
06:25Helicopter Heroes The air ambulance flies again! A teenager is seriously injured in a sledging accident, and a runaway lorry causes havoc as it hurtles through a town and badly wounds its driver. (Also in HD). S6 Ep10 
07:25Inside the Ambulance Reality series following the paramedics of West Midlands Ambulance Service. A man has life-threatening injuries after being stabbed during a gang attack. (Also in HD). S2 Ep1 New. 
08:25Inside the Ambulance Reality series following the paramedics of West Midlands Ambulance Service. Paramedics attend to a man with abdominal pain and a grandmother who is having a panic attack. (Also in HD). S2 Ep2 New. 
09:25Inside the Ambulance Hit the road with the brave paramedics of the West Midlands Ambulance Service. Two paramedics treat an elderly man who is having a heart attack. (Also in HD). S2 Ep3 New. 
10:25Inside the Ambulance Follow the West Midlands Ambulance paramedics in the fast-paced reality series. The team help a baby with suspected sepsis and an expectant dad with serious burns. (Also in HD). S2 Ep4 New. 
11:25Inside the Ambulance Another shift with the brave paramedics of West Midlands Ambulance Service. This episode features a couple who have both taken overdoses and a pensioner with heart pain. (Also in HD). S2 Ep5 New. 
12:30Outnumbered Second series of the much-acclaimed, semi-improvised sitcom. A wedding gives the children a chance to dress up, interrogate the bride and test the vicar's faith in God! S2 Ep1 
13:10Outnumbered The sitcom that strikes a chord with parents and children alike. Dad is troubled by mortality, money problems, and the anaconda attack that his son is filming in their garden. S2 Ep2 
13:50Outnumbered The semi-improvised sitcom that parents can relate to! Mum and Dad try to revive 1950s values by banning TV and computers, freeing up lots of time to explain the facts of life. S2 Ep3 
14:35Doctor Who Flatline Peter Capaldi stars as the iconic time traveller with a TARDIS. With people to save and the Doctor trapped, Clara faces an enemy that exists beyond human perception. (Also in HD). S54 Ep9 
15:35Doctor Who In the Forest of the Night Popular sci-fi drama. As the world wakes up to face the most surprising invasion yet, the Doctor learns that the final days of humanity have arrived. (Also in HD). S54 Ep10 
16:35Doctor Who Dark Water Peter Capaldi stars in the popular sci-fi drama. In the mysterious Nethersphere, Missy is about to come face to face with the Doctor - but who is she? (Also in HD). S54 Ep11 
17:40Doctor Who Death in Heaven Series finale of the hit sci-fi drama starring Peter Capaldi. With Cybermen on the streets of London, the Doctor faces his greatest challenge. (Also in HD). S54 Ep12 
19:00The Secrets in My Family Alex Jones hosts the documentary series. Alex helps Trena and Laurence unravel their family secrets and meets a man whose half-siblings were kept from him his whole life. (Also in HD). S1 Ep2 New. 
20:00Dr Christian Will See You Now Dr Christian Jessen and his team of specialists treat Kirsty, who is pulling her hair out, and John, whose condition has left him with a black tongue. (Also in HD). S2 Ep3 New. 
21:00John Bishop: In Conversation With Physicist and presenter Professor Brian Cox OBE joins John Bishop for a candid and edifying chat in another instalment of the hit series. (Also in HD). S3 Ep10 
22:00The Mekong River with Sue Perkins Sue Perkins journeys up the Mekong River. Sue spends time with a local fisherman who's turned to tourism and visits Luang Prabang, a town famed as the centre of Buddhism. (Also in HD). S1 Ep3 
23:00Inside the Ambulance The West Midlands Ambulance paramedics answer the call of more people in need. Hannah and Amy treat a teenager whose pain has left her unable to speak. (Also in HD). S1 Ep8 
00:00Wanted Down Under Another British family samples life down under. Melanie Andrews dreams of moving to Australia, but husband Rob cannot bear to leave friends and family behind. (Also in HD). S6 Ep1 
01:00Wanted Down Under Phoenix Family Families sample life down under. The Phoenixes spend a week in Auckland to find out if relocating could be the answer, but will the cost of living put them off? (Also in HD). S6 Ep10 
01:50The Strain Second series of the supernatural drama. Eph and Nora finally see their lethal virus in action. (Also in HD). S2 Ep4 
02:35Judge Faith Rock City Reality courtroom series. Judge Faith hears a dispute between neighbors that could have turned ugly! (Also in HD). S1 Ep137 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.