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Listings for Watch on Saturday, November 17 2018

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:10The Bill The Harder They Fall More arresting drama from the mean streets of Sun Hill. An operation to arrest a drug baron fails to obtain the necessary evidence. S21 Ep50 
07:00The Bill Thrown to the Wolves Iconic police drama. Valentine and Hardy are called out to a burglary. Smith and Reg Hollis arrest a drunk driver who is an accomplice of a drug baroness. S21 Ep51 
08:00The Bill Bad Day at the Office More drama with the Sun Hill's finest. Hardy and Stamp are called out to a club where a teenager has stopped breathing after a drugs overdose. S21 Ep52 
09:00The Bill The Lines We Shouldn't Cross Police drama. Under pressure from Gold, Heaton calls the team together. Nadir is gutted when Kristen Shaw tells him that the deal is off. S21 Ep53 
10:00The Bill Almost Human Top cop drama. When the rape case against Keith Durante is withdrawn, a furious Walker and Smithy decide to get Durante's wife to admit that she was lying. S21 Ep54 
11:00Doctor Who Forest of the Dead Another adventure with David Tennant's Time Lord. As the shadows rise, the Doctor forges an alliance with River Song. But who can stop the Vashta Nerada? S35 Ep9 
12:00Doctor Who Midnight Sci-fi adventure with David Tennant as the enigmatic hero. On the planet Midnight, the Doctor is trapped, powerless and terrified, as the knocking on the wall begins. S35 Ep10 
13:00Doctor Who Turn Left A gripping adventure with David Tennant's Time Lord. As Donna's world collapses, she finds help from a mysterious woman. But can they stop the approaching Darkness? S35 Ep11 
14:00Doctor Who The Stolen Earth The UK's favourite sci-fi series, with David Tennant as the Doctor. Earth's heroes unite to fight the Daleks, while an old enemy waits in the shadows. S35 Ep12 
15:00Doctor Who Journey's End David Tennant's third series as the Time Lord. With the universe threatened by the Daleks, a prophecy states that one of the Doctor's companions will die. S35 Ep13 
16:30Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion David Tennant stars as the cosmic hero in this 2005 special. Santa-shaped assassins and deadly Christmas trees herald the approach of a danger from the stars. Ep30 
18:00Outnumbered The Girls' Day Out: Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis star in the fourth series of the acclaimed sitcom. Karen battles with chuggers and buying shoes, while Dad wars with a domestic appliance. S4 Ep2 
18:40Outnumbered The Labrador More domestic chaos in the sitcom that strikes a chord with parents and kids alike. Karen is on a sleepover. Ben's away at adventure camp. Mum and Dad are left with a labrador. S4 Ep3 
19:20Outnumbered The Parents' Evening: Fourth series of the award-winning, semi-improvised comedy. Mum suspects that Jake is hiding something, and there's a lot to discuss at Ben's parents' evening. S4 Ep4 
20:00American Housewife The Club Anna-Kat is scared to take a bath for fear of drowning and Katie is scared of the other mothers judging her body if they go to the pool. Oliver teaches Greg a little about style. S1 Ep21 
20:30American Housewife Dude, Where's My Napkin? Katie and Greg enjoy a night on the town, only to be accused of being bad friends as the woman they are partying with is Angela's ex. S1 Ep22 
21:00Anger Management Film Jack Nicholson joins Adam Sandler in this outrageous comedy. A mild-mannered guy attends anger management classes but his teacher's crazy methods lead him to the brink of insanity. 
23:10Gavin & Stacey The third series of the much-loved sitcom starts here. Gavin begins his new job, and Stacey is thrilled to be at home. Everyone meets up for baby Neil's christening. S3 Ep1 
23:50Gavin & Stacey Another date with James Corden and friends in the hit sitcom. Stacey tries for a new job whilst ensuring Gavin sticks to his recent promise. Nessa takes baby Neil to see Smithy. S3 Ep2 
00:30Ordinary Lies Drama series following the lives of a group of friends as their small lies spiral out of control. Nobody in the office would ever suspect that Kathy has a secret life. S1 Ep3 
01:35Secrets and Lies The Brother The pieces are beginning to fall into place as the US drama series continues. An explosive revelation changes the Warner family forever. S2 Ep9 
02:20Judge Faith My Grandbaby or Car Reality courtroom series. When a mother takes her son and his partner to court over unpaid debts, Judge Faith unravels a family feud that runs deep. S1 Ep133 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.