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Listings for Watch on Saturday, October 19 2019

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:10The Bill Growing Pains More crime-busting drama with Sun Hill's finest. After a man is found with serious head injuries, a school pupil falls under suspicion. S21 Ep25 
07:00The Bill Class Action Long-running police drama. After a teacher is found with head injuries in her home, the team follow various leads that point to a man hired to steal from her flat. S21 Ep26 
08:00The Bill School's Out More drama with Sun Hill's finest. When strange paintings are found on the walls of a school, the trail leads to a young girl who is suffering abuse by her father. S21 Ep27 
09:00The Bill Old Habits Iconic police drama. After trying to move some teenagers from a party on a building site, Sergeant Noble learns that some of them have unwittingly taken tranquilisers. S21 Ep28 
10:00The Bill Forensic Evidence More drama at Sun Hill. DS Turner takes a turn at running CID for a day. A man is found with head injuries and there are differing descriptions of his attacker. S21 Ep29 
11:00Tipping Point Ben Shephard hosts the quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning its 10,000 pound jackpot. S1 Ep17 
12:00Tipping Point Another edition of the tense quiz show where four contestants get the chance to take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning 10,000 pounds. S1 Ep18 
13:00Tipping Point Ben Shephard watches on as four more plucky contestants step up to take on the Tipping Point machine in the hope of walking away with 10,000 pounds. S1 Ep19 
14:00Tipping Point Ben Shephard hosts the tense quiz show where four money hungry contestants stick their pennies into the giant slot machine for a chance to win 10,000 pounds. S1 Ep20 
15:00Tipping Point Four more contestants step up to take on the Tipping Point machine in the hopes of taking home a cash jackpot. S2 Ep1 
16:00Tipping Point Four contestants again take on the extraordinary machine for the chance to win 10,000 pounds. S2 Ep2 
17:00Tipping Point Almost unbearably tense game show where contestants answer questions in order to get the chance to work a giant Shove Penny machine where counters equal cash. S2 Ep3 
18:00Tipping Point Tense game show where contestants answer questions in order to win money and prizes from a giant shove penny machine. S2 Ep4 
19:00Outnumbered The Restaurant Semi-improvised comedy about family life. Auntie Angela pays a visit with her new husband in tow - an American therapist. Can Dad avoid a major incident? S3 Ep5 
19:40Outnumbered The Hospital Popular sitcom exploring the challenges of parenthood. Mum and Dad struggle to put things right between them, but Karen is unimpressed by their behaviour. S3 Ep6 
20:20Outnumbered The Funeral The fourth series of the award-winning family sitcom. The Brockmans have some tough decisions to make about work, video games, and who to take to a family funeral. S4 Ep1 
21:00Gavin & Stacey James Corden and Ruth Jones star in the third series of the adored sitcom. Pam and Mick have second thoughts about the conservatory. Bryn looks forward to a boys' night out. S3 Ep3 
21:40Gavin & Stacey Third series of the feelgood sitcom. Gavin is uncomfortable with Gwen and Bryn knowing the details of his and Stacey's sex life. Pete and Dawn prepare to renew their vows. S3 Ep4 
22:20Gavin & Stacey The beloved sitcom, written by and starring James Corden and Ruth Jones. It's Bank Holiday Monday and the Essex contingent arrives in Wales for a sunny day out at the beach. S3 Ep5 
23:00One Born Every Minute A look at the goings-on at the busy maternity ward at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. One couple prepare to face the reality of their surprise pregnancy. S6 Ep6 
00:00One Born: What Happened Next? One Born Every Minute - What Happened Next?: Revisit families from the documentary series. Has party-mad Phil found a way to balance daddy duties with raucous revelling? S1 Ep5 
01:00Louis Theroux: Miami Mega-Jail Louis risks life and limb in a monster prison in Miami chock full of deadly criminals. In the concluding part, he cosies up to an alleged triple murderer. S17 Ep2 
01:50Code Black Hell's Heart US medical drama series. Willis and Rox travel to the scene of a wildfire to help injured firefighters, and choose to stay to look for a missing young boy. S3 Ep6 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.