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Listings for Watch on Saturday, February 17 2018

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:10Inside the Ambulance Reality series following the paramedics of West Midlands Ambulance Service. This episode features a woman who has taken an overdose of paracetamol. (Also in HD). S3 Ep7 
07:00The Bill Bite the Bullet Part Two: The second part of a dramatic story from Sun Hill. Murphy is disgusted by Powell's accusations that her son may have been responsible for the bombing. S20 Ep53 
08:00The Bill Wrong Side of the Fence Iconic police drama. Murphy struggles to come to terms with her son's sexuality. Drummond and Thatcher investigate an arson attack. S20 Ep54 
09:00The Bill Solemn Song Popular police drama series. Young is caught between two warring gangs and agrees to go undercover to help Thatcher nail the Radfords. S20 Ep55 
10:00The Bill Hope Drama from Sun Hill. As Young places herself in serious danger, Thatcher plans to destroy Okaro's career. Ackland prepares for her wedding to Carver. S20 Ep56 
11:00The Bill Happily Ever After Action from the mean streets of Sun Hill. As Ackland's wedding day dawns, Kent turns up on her doorstep. Carver's past catches up with him. S20 Ep57 
12:00EastEnders Omnibus A repeat of last week's events from Albert Square. Max makes an upsetting discovery. Kim attempts to solve her family's dire financial situation. (Also in HD). 
14:30John Torode's Malaysian Adventure Kuala Lumpur Part I: John Torode travels around Malaysia, discovering fascinating food and places along the way. He starts in Kuala Lumpur with a classic nasi lemak. (Also in HD). S1 Ep1 
15:00John Torode's Malaysian Adventure Penang Part I: The masterful chef reaches the island of Penang, where he samples local street food and learns how to make an unusual pineapple curry. (Also in HD). S1 Ep2 
15:30John Torode's Malaysian Adventure Seremban John reaches the foodie haven of Seremban on the west coast of Malaysia, where he samples delicious beef noodles and learns the art of making chicken rendang. (Also in HD). S1 Ep3 
16:00John Torode's Malaysian Adventure Terengganu John reaches the state of Terengganu on the east coast, where he gets a taste of some local delicacies, including an unusual fish sausage, and makes laksa. (Also in HD). S1 Ep4 
16:30John Torode's Malaysian Adventure Melaka More Malaysian delights, this time in the historic port city of Melaka, where John sees the sights and samples local treats including pork satay. (Also in HD). S1 Ep5 
17:00Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Ben Shephard hosts the celebrity edition of the quiz show. Competitors are Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon, Dancing on Ice's Dan Whiston, and Boyzone singer Keith Duffy. (Also in HD). S1 Ep12 
18:00Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Ben Shephard presents the celebrity edition of the gameshow. Comedian Jim Moir, Dallas star Charlene Tilton and actress Martine McCutcheon take on the machine. (Also in HD). S2 Ep5 
19:00My Family 'Tis A Pity She's A Wh**e: Putting the dysfunction into the domestic sitcom are the manic Harper clan. Ben is horrified when Michael announces he's standing in the school election. S2 Ep10 
19:40My Family The Last Supper Would you invite your boss to the Harpers'? Acid-tongued family comedy with Robert Lindsay. Susan invites her new boss to dinner in an effort to change his views. S2 Ep11 
20:20My Family Ben Wants to Be a Millionaire Robert Lindsay is the curmudgeonly Ben Harper. At a school reunion, Ben is horrified to find that someone he never liked is now a millionaire. S2 Ep12 
21:00Murdered by My Boyfriend Drama based on real events which tells the story of a young woman who finds herself trapped in an violent and abusive relationship that ends in the worst possible way. (Also in HD). 
22:20Inside the Ambulance Hit the road with the West Midlands Ambulance Service. This episode features a suicidal and violent patient and a student with a life-threatening condition. (Also in HD). S3 Ep8 
23:20999 Rescue Squad Reality series following the work of Yorkshire Ambulance Service's Hazardous Area Response Team. Paramedic Rochers fights to save a DIY mechanic crushed by his own car. (Also in HD). S1 Ep1 New. 
00:20Bin There, Dump That Time to get dirty with the men and women who work with waste. Skip yard sales manager Danny has a raunchy idea to win new customers. Will his boss be impressed? (Also in HD). S1 Ep6 
00:50The Strain Second series of the supernatural drama. Eph alters his appearance so he can leave the city, which makes Nora a reluctant parent for Zack. (Also in HD). S2 Ep5 
01:40The Strain Second series of the supernatural drama. Eph attempts to mass produce the virus. (Also in HD). S2 Ep6 
02:30Judge Faith House of Lies/No Performance Motorcycle Reality courtroom series. Judge Faith presides over a landlord and tenant dispute and then hears evidence in a case about a motorbike. (Also in HD). S1 Ep88 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Judge Faith Roommate Run-Off/99 Cent Brick Reality courtroom series. Cases in this edition include a woman who is furious at a labourer for buying inadequate bricks. (Also in HD). S1 Ep86