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Listings for Watch on Saturday, March 24 2018

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:10The Bill Old Timer Another compelling episode of the homegrown cop drama. Old-school PC Roger Valentine joins Sun Hill. Nixon learns that her daughter is still alive. S20 Ep77 
07:00The Bill Playing with Fire Gritty cop drama. It's the day of PC Kerry Young's funeral and the air is thick with grief. Carver tries to dig himself out of debt. S20 Ep78 
08:00The Bill Where Loyalties Lie Gritty cop drama series. Smithy finds out that Kerry was carrying Kent's child. McAllister is distant with Meadows after their night of passion. S20 Ep79 
09:00The Bill Not the Real Thing More crime-busting drama at Sun Hill. Young's father collects his murdered daughter's belongings. Best believes he has stumbled across a dismembered body. S20 Ep80 
10:00The Bill Buried Secrets More drama with Sun Hill's finest. The vandalising of Wayne Radford's grave opens a can of worms for Thatcher and Gold. S20 Ep81 
11:00Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Ben Shephard watches on as Chris Kamara, Rachel Riley and Stacey Solomon take on the extraordinary machine in the hope of winning 20,000 pounds for charity. (Also in HD). S1 Ep1 
12:00Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Ben Shephard hosts the quiz show in which celebrities take on an extraordinary machine. Taking part in this edition are Dennis Taylor, Kym Lomas and Rav Wilding. (Also in HD). S1 Ep2 
13:00Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Loose Woman Denise Welch, comedian Ed Byrne and boxing legend Amir Khan take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning a cash prize for their chosen charities. (Also in HD). S1 Ep3 
14:00Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Ben Shephard hosts the celebrity version of the quiz show. Taking part in this edition are rapper Coolio, Emmerdale's Matthew Wolfenden and comedian Jenny Eclair. (Also in HD). S1 Ep4 
15:00Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Ben Shephard presents another celebrity edition as TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, cricketer Phil Tufnell and Coronation Street's Ryan Thomas try to win cash for charity. (Also in HD). S2 Ep3 
16:00Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Celebrity edition of the gameshow presented by Ben Shephard. With X Factor winner Sam Bailey, Olympic gymnast Louis Smith and Coronation Street star Hayley Tamaddon. (Also in HD). S2 Ep4 
17:00Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Three celebrities take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning 20,000 pounds for charity. Taking part here are actors Simon Gregson, Ricky Tomlinson and John Thomson. (Also in HD). S1 Ep5 
18:00Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Hoping to hit the 20,000 pound jackpot this time are presenter Jane McDonald, celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager and dancing star Louie Spence. Presented by Ben Shephard. (Also in HD). S1 Ep6 
19:00My Family Auto Erotica The country's number one domestic sitcom with fine actors Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker. Nick wins an old car in a poker game, and intends to break it up for parts. S3 Ep9 
19:40My Family A Handful of Dust Laughs with the Harpers - are families really that bonkers? Ben gets a surprise when his birthday is forgotten. S3 Ep10 
20:20My Family The Lost Weekend Here's an episode of the family comedy Mum and Dad can relate to. When the children go away for the weekend, Ben and Susan finally have some time to themselves. S3 Ep11 
21:00Russell Howard's Good News The eponymous cheeky chappy scours the news channels and tabloids for the biggest and barmiest stories, from gun control in America to a rather underwhelming Black Friday. (Also in HD). S10 Ep7 
21:40Russell Howard's Good News Boundless ball of energy Russell Howard manages to see the funny side of even the Oldham West by-election and Storm Desmond, which takes some doing. Danny Baker guests. (Also in HD). S10 Ep8 
22:20Inside the Ambulance Another shift with the brave paramedics of West Midlands Ambulance Service. This episode features a couple who have both taken overdoses and a pensioner with heart pain. (Also in HD). S2 Ep5 
23:20999 Rescue Squad Hit the road with Yorkshire Ambulance Service's Hazardous Area Response Team. This episode features a stand-off involving a man with a samurai sword in South Yorkshire. (Also in HD). S1 Ep8 New. 
00:20Doctor Who 42 Adventures through time and space with David Tennant as the enigmatic Doctor. As a spaceship hurtles towards the sun, the Doctor and Martha have 42 minutes to save the day. S33 Ep7 
03:15Doctor Who Human Nature Fantastical adventures with David Tennant as the time hopping hero. England, 1913, and a schoolteacher called John Smith dreams of adventures in time and space. S33 Ep8 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:10Doctor Who The Sontaran Stratagem A cracking adventure from David Tennant's third series as the mysterious hero. Martha summons the Doctor back to Earth, where an old enemy lies in wait. S35 Ep4 
07:00MasterChef Junior USA The search for the USA's best junior chef continues. After making family meals with mystery box ingredients, the chefs compete in a sushi platter elimination challenge. (Also in HD). S5 Ep11 New. 
08:00MasterChef Junior USA Junior version of the competitive cooking series. The teams cook a dish with one of three proteins for 20 VIP guests, and are given a elimination challenge by Miss Piggy. (Also in HD). S5 Ep12 New.