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Listings for Watch on Saturday, December 15 2018

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:10The Bill A Little Holiday - Part 2: Iconic police drama. After a night of passion, Hunter and Nixon wake up in the B and B. In fear for their safety, they try to disappear in Bucharest. S21 Ep70 
07:00The Bill Turning the Tables - Part 1: More gritty crime drama. Gold recommends Hemmingway for promotion when DAC Hobbs visits. Noble and Hollis deal with a drunk at St Hugh's. S21 Ep71 
08:00The Bill Control of Impulse - Part 2: Law and order, Sun Hill style. When Kapoor and Hollis find a man badly beaten in a park, Kapoor is forced to make a tough decision. S21 Ep72 
09:00The Bill Hold Feet to the Fire The police drama that ran for almost 26 years. Heaton and his wife Rhiannon bicker over DAC Hobbs, then Rhiannon admits to having an affair. S21 Ep73 
10:00The Bill The Wrong Man More crime-busting on the streets of Sun Hill. Webb wakes up in a strange bed and is arrested for rape. Meadows has no alternative but to suspend him. S21 Ep74 
11:00Doctor Who Fear Her Time travelling adventures with David Tennant's hero. The Tardis lands in the London of 2012. On a housing estate, a mother is hiding her daughter's unearthly powers. S31 Ep11 
12:00Doctor Who Army of Ghosts David Tennant's Time Lord is here confronted with his two greatest enemies! The Doctor and Rose are trapped in the Torchwood Tower as Earth is invaded. S31 Ep12 
13:00Doctor Who Doomsday Ever wondered who'd win in a fight, the Daleks or the Cybermen? David Tennant's Doctor is caught in the middle, as the two terrifying armies wage war. S31 Ep13 
14:00Doctor Who Smith and Jones David Tennant stars as the heroic Time Lord. When Martha finds herself on the moon, she meets the mysterious Doctor, and her life will never be the same again. S33 Ep1 
15:00Doctor Who The Shakespeare Code Another adventure for David Tennant's Time Lord. The Doctor takes Martha to Elizabethan England, where Shakespeare is controlled by witch-like creatures. S33 Ep2 
16:00Doctor Who Gridlock Adventure through space and time with David Tennant as the mysterious hero. The Doctor and Martha travel to the New Earth of the far future, where a trap awaits them. S33 Ep3 
17:00Doctor Who Daleks in Manhattan David Tennant's time-hopping hero here faces one of his oldest adversaries. In 1930s New York, the Daleks are at work on top of the Empire State Building. S33 Ep4 
18:00Outnumbered The School Run The first ever episode of the sitcom that strikes a chord with parents. A regal five-year-old girl and her two older brothers ensure life is never simple for their mum and dad. S1 Ep1 
18:40Outnumbered The Special Bowl Hit comedy series about the pitfalls of parenthood. Dad strays into a job-threatening controversy at school, while Ben further develops his extraordinary talent for lying. S1 Ep2 
19:20Outnumbered The City Farm Hit sitcom about the rollercoaster of family life. Stuck in a traffic jam, Mum tries to keep the peace in a car containing three kids, a new-age aunt and a bewildered grandpa. S1 Ep3 
20:00Dynamo: Magician Impossible South Africa The mind-boggling series following the exploits of the radical street magician who leaves crowds stunned. Dynamo visits Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa. S3 Ep3 
21:00The Taking of Pelham 123 Film Action remake of the 70s thriller about an unsuspecting train dispatcher who battles to avert disaster when a subway train is hijacked. 
23:05Stacey Dooley in the USA... ...Girls Behind Bars. Stacey Dooley meets the girls at the only women's prison boot camp in the US, and spends time in a medium-security prison. S1 Ep1 
00:05One Born Every Minute Moving series documenting life on a bustling maternity ward. Same-sex couple Marion and Rachel are rushed into hospital ten weeks early. S6 Ep2 
01:05Celebrity MasterChef Celebrity version of the cookery competition. The heats continue as four celebrities compete in a series of challenges to win a place in the semi-finals. S10 Ep4 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.