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Listings for Vh 1 on Saturday, November 16 2019

06:00The Hills After Justin's disappearing act at Brody's barbeque on the last episode, Lauren thought Audrina's days with the bad boy were over. (S3, ep5) 
06:20The Hills He's back! Just when you thought Jason was out of Lauren's life forever, it seems that after finishing his stint in rehab, Jason is keen to catch up with Lauren once again. (S3, ep6) 
06:45The Hills Audrina's back from a weekend away with Justin and she just can't stop smiling. After all the drama, it seems they've decided to officially become a couple. (S3, ep7) 
07:05The Hills Lauren and Jason have been spending a lot of time together lately, but while at lunch, Jason lets it slip that not only does he have a girlfriend, but they're moving in together! (S3, ep8) 
07:25The Hills After the drama at Jason's engagement party, Lauren needs to leave The Hills for a while. What better way to escape than to head to Vegas to surprise Brody on his 24th birthday? (S3, ep9) 
07:50The Hills Jen Bunney texts Lauren saying she wants to talk, but Lauren hasn't heard from Jen since the fallout when Jen and Heidi conspired against her. What could Jen possibly have to say? (S3, ep10) 
08:10The Hills After kissing Brody in Vegas, Lauren wonders what their status is. Testing it out at dinner, she tells Brody that she hasn't been on a date in weeks. Will he be next on the menu? (S3, ep11) 
08:30The Hills After weeks of hard work, Whitney thinks she's finally found the perfect place for Teen Vogue to host the Young Hollywood party. But will the old church impress her boss? (S3, ep12) 
09:10The Hills At her office, Heidi gets a big bouquet of roses from Spencer. It's Heidi's 21st, and Spencer's excited to celebrate the big day with "the best thing that ever happened to him". (S3, ep13) 
09:30The Hills After the success of the Young Hollywood party, Teen Vogue editor Lisa Love decides to send Lauren and Whitney to cover an event celebrating the power of voting. (S3, ep14) 
10:05Strip Date Cage fighter Andrew meets Cambridge graduate Anna. Will the two hit it off on their date where they sample a taste of the Orient and learn to do Tai Chi? (S1, ep9) 
10:30Strip Date Brummie Bieber lookalike George meets tailor Lee, who has never had a long-term relationship. Will their shared goals in life be enough to strike a match? (S1, ep10) 
11:05Strip Date Care worker Jodie meets cheeky chappy sales executive Jamie to go on a circus skills date. (S1, ep11) 
11:30Strip Date Magician Ben meets student nurse Hayley to go on a pasta making date. (S1, ep12) 
12:00Strip Date Children's entertainer, dancer and musician Jamal meets aspiring artist Eva for a date. (S1, ep13) 
12:30Strip Date Model and personal trainer David from Essex goes on a date with Sheffield media student Louise, who can't bear men who take longer than her to get ready. (S1, ep14) 
13:00Strip Date Sinatra fan Emma meets up with Rihanna-loving Isaac to go on a sushi making date. (S1, ep15) 
13:30Strip Date Fashion student Ottavio meets part-time model Jake to go on a dancing date. (S1, ep16) 
14:00Strip Date Hopeless romantic George meets self-confessed flirt Remus to go on a date where they learn to play the ukelele. (S1, ep17) 
14:30Strip Date Singer Freddie meets events manager Jay and the pair's date sees them battle it out in a game of skittles. (S1, ep18) 
15:00The Real Housewives Of Orange... ... County. Jo seeks advice from Jeana about her relationship with Slade, then learns the truth about Lauri's. (S2, ep4) 
16:00The Real Housewives Of Orange... ... County. Slade is very generous to Jo on her birthday, Lauri and George take the family to Hawaii, and Shane invites a girl he met on the Internet to stay at the house for a few days. (S2, ep5) 
17:00The Real Housewives Of Orange... ... County. Jo ponders a career in the entertainment business, and Lauri thinks about starting a business of her own. (S2, ep6) 
18:00The Real Housewives Of Orange... ... County. Shane questions the strength of Steven and Kara's relationship, and Vicki plans expanding her business. (S2, ep7) 
19:00The Real Housewives Of Orange... ... County. Jo continues to pursue her career, Lauri confronts Ashley, and Jeana does a provocative guest appearance on Playboy Radio. (S2, ep8) 
20:00Extreme Hair Wars The teams are first challenged to creatively reinvent the ponytail, and secondly to create extravagant styles inspired by the theme of 'under the sea'. (S1, ep5) 
21:00RuPaul's Drag Race Christina Aguilera appears on the mainstage, fan favourite queens from the past decade of Drag Race return as 14 new queens compete to become America's Next Drag Superstar and win $100,000. (S10, ep1) 
22:30RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked A decade of drag, it's Drag on a dime couture as the queens get to know each other and talk about their runway looks, plus a backstage visit from a special guest. (S10, ep1) 
23:00RuPaul's Drag Race The queens must wow the judges in a lip-sync dance number inspired by pharmaceutical TV ads. Halsey and Padma Lakshmi guest judge with guests Andy Cohen and Alyssa Edwards. (S10, ep2) 
00:30RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked After splitting into two groups and going head in head in the first musical of the season, the queens untuck and discuss the judge's opinions of their looks and performances. (S10, ep2) 
01:00RuPaul's Drag Race The queens create and star in commercials for new drag-themed dating apps. Music artist Courtney Love and actor Nico Tortorella guest judge. (S10, ep3) 
02:25RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked After the queens present their dating apps and newly inspired feather looks on the stage, they head backstage to untuck and another heated argument occurs. (S10, ep3) 
02:45Drag Race: From The Beginning RuPaul and the contestants of season four return for the annual reunion. For the first time, a live audience of fans are present. (S4, ep14) 
03:30Lip Sync Battle Celebrities pair up to do battle using lip sync as their weapon! It's Peter Parker vs. Michelle as the stars of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" duke it out in the LSB arena. 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00L.A. Hair Omarosa Manigault comes into the salon for a magazine interview with Kim, and receptionist Charity is embarrassed. (S1, ep2)