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Listings for UK Gold on Sunday, August 19 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
07:35The Piglet Files Trouble with Reception Sitcom. When terrorists decide to take over the Bishwani embassy, Peter's task of bugging the building proves troublesome. S2 Ep5 
08:00One Foot in the Grave Who Will Buy? Brilliant surreal comedy with the masterful Richard Wilson. Mystery ensues when Victor digs out his ventriloquist's dummy - and finds it promptly banished by Margaret. S2 Ep4 
08:40One Foot in the Grave Timeless Time A classic episode in which the whole programme takes place in the Meldrews' bedroom. Victor has a sleepless night and, naturally, Margaret suffers with him. S2 Ep6 
09:20Are You Being Served? The Club New to Gold. Classic department store that they absolutely love around the world. Young Mr Grace generously donates a room for his employees to use as a social club. S6 Ep2 
10:00Are You Being Served? Do You Take This Man? New to Gold. Another slice of classic shop floor comedy. The staff plan a wedding reception for Mrs Slocombe and her husband-to-be, a bouzouki-playing Greek. S6 Ep3 
10:40Are You Being Served? Shedding the Load New to Gold. The classic department store comedy. Mr Grace is forced to cut jobs. But who's for the chop? S6 Ep4 
11:20Only Fools and Horses To Hull and Back Pukka laughs with Peckham's most famous sons. Del finds his sea legs when he takes up Boycie's offer of big money for collecting some diamonds from Amsterdam. S4 Ep8 
13:20The Vicar of Dibley The Window and the Weather Dawn French is the unconventional Rev Geraldine Granger. After an accident, St Barnabus's Church finds itself in need of a new stained-glass window. S1 Ep4 
14:00The Vicar of Dibley Election The magnificent Dawn French wears the trousers as the loveable female vicar in the ecclesiastical comedy. Local elections are looming and David is confident of victory. S1 Ep5 
14:40The Vicar of Dibley Animals Dawn French as the maverick woman vicar in the show from the mind of 'Love Actually' creator Richard Curtis. Geraldine proposes turning the chapel into a wonderful new ark. S1 Ep6 
15:20Only Fools and Horses Sleeping Dogs Lie Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert are consigned to the dog watch when they earn some easy money looking after Boycie and Marlene's Great Dane puppy. S4 Ep5 
16:00Only Fools and Horses It's Only Rock and Roll Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy one of the best comedies ever as Rodney's aspiration to be top of the pops is encouraged and then totally dashed by Del. S4 Ep4 
16:40Only Fools and Horses Christmas... ...Special. Thicker than Water: What kind of drinks would Del conjure up at Christmas? Find out in South London's finest comedy. The Trotters' long lost dad Reg turns up after 18 years away. S3 Ep8 
17:20Only Fools and Horses Miami Twice The American Dream: Special feature-length story with the Trotters taking a trip to the States. When Cassandra can't accompany Rodney to Miami, Del kindly steps in. S17 Ep1 
18:30Only Fools and Horses Three Men, a Woman and a Baby Rodney and Albert contemplate the prospect of doting dad Del. Meanwhile, Raquel has the baby blues, and Rodney's bedroom is being turned into a nursery. S16 Ep6 
19:40Only Fools and Horses Christmas... ...Special. Thicker than Water: What kind of drinks would Del conjure up at Christmas? Find out in South London's finest comedy. The Trotters' long lost dad Reg turns up after 18 years away. S3 Ep8 
20:20Dad's Army High Finance Mainwaring the bank manager calls in Jonesy to explain why his account is always in the red. He'll need a bit more than a few rationed sausages to get out of this one! S8 Ep5 
21:00Mrs Brown's Boys Mammy's Break Irish sitcom. Agnes is desperate for a holiday but can't find anyone to look after Grandad. Her only option is to trick a health inspector. S5 Ep3 
21:40Mrs Brown's Boys Mammy's Valentine Hit Irish sitcom. Everyone in the Brown family has a date for Valentine's Day except Agnes. Can she really start internet dating at her age? S5 Ep4 
22:20Mrs Brown's Boys Mammy? Hit sitcom. It is all kicking off in the Brown residence, as Rory and Dino have a bust-up and Mark and Betty announce their imminent departure to Australia. S5 Ep5 
23:00Mrs Brown's Boys Mammy Swings Irish sitcom. Wedding mania descends as the Browns prepare for Rory and Dino's big day. Agnes looks forward to it, until she meets the wedding planner. S5 Ep6 
23:40Peep Show Dark comedy featuring two socially dysfunctional flatmates. Mark rediscovers the single life after his disastrous wedding to Sophie, and he and Jeremy become victims of crime. S5 Ep1 
00:15Peep Show More from the cult comedy favourite. Mark and Sophie return to work after their non-existent honeymoon. Can Mark deflect the inevitable bad PR attached to being a jilter? S5 Ep2 
00:45Aim Low: The Very Best of Dylan... ...Moran. Memorable observational comedy from the acclaimed Irish standup Dylan Moran, including his take on religion, kids, relationships and the general absurdities of life. 
02:20Bridget and Eamon Comedy. When Eamon discovers a talent for cutting hair, Bridget sets up a salon in the Good Room. S2 Ep3 
02:50The Tommy Cooper Hour More classic slapstick and wonky magic from the legendary Tommy Cooper. S3 Ep1 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.