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Listings for UK Gold on Sunday, September 29 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Lucky Feller The Wedding Conclusion to the 1976 sitcom starring David Jason. Will it be a happy ever after for Shorty and Kath? S1 Ep13 
07:40Still Open All Hours Love is in the air in the corner shop as Granville continues his attempts to woo Mavis, Gastric needs yet more help with his love life and Leroy arouses jealousy. S1 Ep3 
08:10Still Open All Hours There are mysterious sightings in the shop and Granville is convinced the place is haunted by Arkwright. Meanwhile a surprise visitor gets the whole street talking. S1 Ep6 
08:50Still Open All Hours Granville's big ambitions to open his own coffee shop cause quite a stir in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile Eric looks after his depressed brother-in-law all day. S1 Ep4 
09:30Miranda Date The very first episode of the hugely successful sitcom with the popular funny woman. Miranda tries to be more girly when Gary asks her out for a drink. S1 Ep1 
10:05Miranda Teacher Hilarity with the accident-prone funny woman. Stevie persuades Miranda to join a class to learn French, the language of love. With ex-Doctor Who, Peter Davison. S1 Ep2 
10:45Miranda Job More laughs with the accident-prone funny woman. Miranda decides to find a 'proper' career, before an old school friend jumps to a surprising conclusion. S1 Ep3 
11:25Miranda Holiday Another quirky slice of life, Miranda-style. Miranda treats herself to a holiday - in the hotel across the road. As her stay goes on, she becomes a new woman. S1 Ep4 
12:00The Green Green Grass Home Brew The spin-off sitcom that's proved almost as successful as Only Fools and Horses. While searching through some ancient paperwork, Boycie discovers a medieval liquor recipe. S4 Ep2 
12:35The Green Green Grass Calendar Boys Country capers in the Only Fools spin-off. Bored with life on the farm, Marlene throws herself into charity work. Boycie senses an opportunity to become Sir Aubrey. S4 Ep3 
13:15The Green Green Grass Animal Instincts More rural shenanigans in John Sullivan's popular spin-off sitcom. Tyler wants to borrow money to buy new equipment for his band, but Boycie refuses to cough up. S4 Ep4 
13:55Only Fools and Horses... ...Strangers on the Shore. Christmas special from 2002. Trotters Independent Traders embarks on a booze cruise to France under new managing director Rodney. 
15:35Only Fools and Horses... ...Sleepless in Peckham. Last-ever episode of the popular sitcom. The Trotters find themselves owing a large amount of money to the Inland Revenue. 
17:10Gavin & Stacey Gavin starts his job in Cardiff and Smithy has to come to terms with not living near his best friend, but Neil's christening offers an opportunity for everyone to reunite. S3 Ep1 
17:50Gavin & Stacey Dave is unhappy about Nessa's plans to visit Essex, Stacey ensures Gavin sticks to his promise while she finds a new job, and Pam and Mick host a beer and curry night. S3 Ep2 
18:25Citizen Khan Funeral Sitcom. Tragedy strikes the Khan household, but things start looking up when Mr Khan discovers there may be an investor for his new invention. S5 Ep3 
19:00Citizen Khan Scab's Parents Sitcom. Alia's 'friend who is a boy' Scab takes fright at the prospect of the Khans meeting his parents. S5 Ep4 
19:40Citizen Khan Alia's University New to Gold. Sitcom. Mr Khan has to drop his daughter off for her first day at university - in Scotland. But the car breaks down... S5 Ep5 
20:20Dad's Army Put That Light Out Captain Mainwaring sets up an observation post in the lighthouse, thus providing ample opportunity for disaster with Jones in charge, and an impending air raid. S5 Ep7 
21:00Two Pints of Lager... ...and a Packet of Crisps. Bungle: Louise copes with a new boyfriend desperate to have sex with her, while Janet's party goes awry when Gaz and Donna abuse her trifle in the saucy sitcom. S2 Ep2 
21:35Two Pints of Lager... ...and a Packet of Crisps. Dirty Girls: Janet finds a letter from her hunky ex and resorts to deception to avoid Jonny's jealousy. Flo asks Donna to move out so she can set up a massage parlour. S2 Ep 
22:15Mrs Brown's Boys The Mammy The hugely popular sitcom about a loudmouthed Irish matriarch. Agnes's son has fallen out with his girlfriend, but will her attempts to mend the rift work? S1 Ep1 
22:55Mrs Brown's Boys Mammy's Secret More hilarity and vulgarity with the popular sitcom. Agnes is worried that her family are keeping too many secrets, but her meddling doesn't help. S1 Ep2 
23:35Mrs Brown's Boys Mammy's Merchandise Popular Irish sitcom. With the wedding looming, the Brown household is in crisis as Dermot and Agnes disagree over the best man. S1 Ep3 
00:15The Mighty Boosh Nanageddon Freewheeling sitcom about the eccentric exploits of a jazz fan and a fashion victim. In an attempt to impress two goth girls, the boys stage a seance in their front room. S2 Ep3 
00:50The Mighty Boosh Fountain of Youth More surreal shenanigans in the cult sitcom. When another bad gig is blamed on Howard being old and past it, the boys transport themselves to the Fountain of Youth. S2 Ep4 
01:30The Mighty Boosh The Legend of Old Gregg Adventures with Vince and Howard. After a disastrous gig, the boys decide to go fishing on Black Lake, unaware that Old Gregg is on the look out for a lover. S2 Ep5 
02:05The Mighty Boosh The Nightmare of Milky Joe Delightfully deranged sitcom about a jazz fan and a fashion victim. While marooned on a desert island, Howard sees an opportunity to nurture his poetry. S2 Ep6 
02:35Upstart Crow The Food Of Love Will decides to make history by inventing the greatest hits musical and has to get hold of the madrigal back catalogue of songwriter Thomas Morley. Noel Fielding guests. S2 Ep4 
03:05Black Books Party Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey bring their comic talents to the world of bookselling. Manny and Fran are determined to go out on a Friday night, but Bernard's not keen. S3 Ep6 
03:35Bridget and Eamon The Divorce Referendum Irish comedy. Bridget and Eamon are chosen as the poster couple for the upcoming divorce referendum, but Phelim returns home with shock news. S1 Ep2 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.