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Listings for UK Gold on Sunday, January 28 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
07:30Yes, Prime Minister The Key Classic sitcom with the late, great Paul Eddington as PM Jim Hacker. There is a territorial battle in the heart of No 10 as Sir Humphrey's personal key is withdrawn from him. S1 Ep4 
08:05The Two Ronnies More vintage comedy from the much-missed pair, including Mr Barker as Patrick Moore's brother in The Stars at Night and a finale where the Ronnies join the Aldershot Brass Ensemble. S4 Ep5 
08:55The Two Ronnies The legendary duo from 1977 which includes the classic Minister for Having Referendums on Absolutely Everything sketch, as well as Stop, You're Killing Me. S6 Ep5 
09:40The Brittas Empire Gavin Featherly RIP Boss-from-hell sitcom. When Gavin goes missing on a staff weekend, everyone assumes the worst. Brittas even sets the wheels in motion to arrange his funeral. S7 Ep6 
10:20The Brittas Empire Curse of the Tiger Women Farcical fun with Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie as a terminally chirpy manager. Councillor Drugget arrives to tell Gordon he's been selected for early retirement. S7 Ep8 
11:00Only Fools and Horses Hole in One Comedy gold with the UK's favourite sitcom. Uncle Albert tries to get Del and Rodders out of a financial hole by literally falling down one - a stunt he's pulled before! S4 Ep3 
11:40Only Fools and Horses It's Only Rock and Roll Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy one of the best comedies ever as Rodney's aspiration to be top of the pops is encouraged and then totally dashed by Del. S4 Ep4 
12:20Only Fools and Horses Sleeping Dogs Lie Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert are consigned to the dog watch when they earn some easy money looking after Boycie and Marlene's Great Dane puppy. S4 Ep5 
13:00Only Fools and Horses Watching the Girls Go By Rodders is at the mercy of Del as per usual in the brilliant comedy. Rodney needs a girlfriend to accompany him to a do in order to win a bet. S4 Ep6 
13:40Only Fools and Horses Strangers on the Shore One of the last episodes of the nation's favourite sitcom. The Trotters try to raise cash on a trip to France, but they don't bargain on some unexpected cargo. 
15:20Citizen Khan Farley Manor New to Gold. The irrepressible Mr Khan and his long-suffering family return. Mr Khan gets into a state at a stately home when Naani takes the law into her own hands. S4 Ep1 
16:00Citizen Khan Family Photo New to Gold. Family sitcom. Mr Khan bites off more than he can chew when he takes on a new role as a lollipop man, and a family photo causes friction. S4 Ep2 
16:40Citizen Khan Local Hero New to Gold. Family sitcom. Baby Mohammad is having a few unsettled nights, and Shazia and Amjad are finding it difficult to cope with the lack of sleep. S4 Ep3 
17:20Only Fools and Horses To Hull and Back Pukka laughs with Peckham's most famous sons. Del finds his sea legs when he takes up Boycie's offer of big money for collecting some diamonds from Amsterdam. S4 Ep8 
19:20The Good Life Whose Fleas Are These? The superb 1970s self-sufficiency comedy. Tom and Barbara try to keep their fleas to themselves. God forbid that they should spread next door - oh no! S3 Ep6 
20:00Citizen Khan Chicken Shop New to Gold. Family sitcom. Mr Khan decides to invest his and Mrs Khan's pension money in a fried chicken franchise and enlists Alia, Amjad, Naani and nephew Faraz. S4 Ep4 
20:40Citizen Khan Mystic Mo New to Gold. Family sitcom. While trying to teach Baby Mo how to play cricket, Mr Khan discovers that his little grandson might be psychic. S4 Ep5 
21:20Citizen Khan Alia's Boyfriend New to Gold. Mr Khan gets into another fine mess after entering the Great Sparkhill Bake Off and finding out more about Alia's mysterious boyfriend. S4 Ep6 
22:00Men Behaving Badly Drunk Laddish laughs from the '90s. What a quandary for Gary: a romantic meal with Dorothy or 'Beers of the World Night' down the local. Will he get it right? S4 Ep5 
22:40Men Behaving Badly In Bed with Dorothy More brilliant comedy with those boys who just can't grow up. Tony needs glasses, and Gary's patience as a nursemaid to Dorothy lasts just under two hours. S4 Ep6 
23:20Black Books The Grapes of Wrath Essential viewing for stand-up fans as comedians Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey star in the quirky sitcom. Bernard and Manny accept a house-sitting job. S1 Ep3 
23:55Black Books The Blackout More brusque bookselling with Bernard Black in the offbeat sitcom. A coffee-fuelled Manny is mistaken for a policeman after attempting to thwart a purse-snatching. S1 Ep4 
00:30The Thick of It Political comedy starring Peter Capaldi. Both government and opposition try to spin their way to the moral high ground following the key worker housing scandal. S4 Ep5 
01:10The Thick of It Extended edition of the political comedy. Lord Goolding's inquiry into the key worker housing scandal begins. Expect sudden lapses of memory. S4 Ep6 
02:25The Trip Holbeck Ghyll Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon star in the acclaimed comedy series. This time, they visit Dove Cottage and lunch at Holbeck Ghyll. S1 Ep3 
02:55Citizen Khan Chicken Shop New to Gold. Family sitcom. Mr Khan decides to invest his and Mrs Khan's pension money in a fried chicken franchise and enlists Alia, Amjad, Naani and nephew Faraz. S4 Ep4 
03:30Harry Hill's The Best of TV Burp More of Harry's best Burps, with Bear Grylls and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in line for an irreverent ribbing, along with Hole in the Wall. S9 Ep10 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.