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Listings for UK Gold on Sunday, May 26 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:15The Interviews Spike Milligan Hear about the life of one of the most influential comedians of all time, Spike Milligan. His story is told in his own words, using archive interview clips and performances. S1 Ep6 
08:05Miranda Excuse More from the hit sitcom. Miranda, who has spent most of her life avoiding being set up by her mother, has to find a good reason to avoid an intended party date. S1 Ep5 
08:45Miranda Dog Hit sitcom. Miranda and Stevie become highly competitive when a handsome man leaves his wallet in the shop. Meanwhile, Tilly invites Miranda to Henley Regatta. S1 Ep6 
09:25Wallace and Gromit The BAFTA-winning, Oscar-nominated first in the series of claymations by Nick Park which introduced the world to everyone's favourite man and his dog, as they visit the moon. 
10:00Wallace and Gromit On their fantastic second outing together, inventor Wallace and his canine companion become embroiled in a bizarre jewellery heist masterminded by a mysterious penguin. 
10:40Wallace and Gromit Brilliant animated fun. Wallace's whirlwind romance with the proprietor of the local wool shop puts his head in a spin, and Gromit in jail. Another Oscar for Nick Park! 
11:20Wallace and Gromit Another madcap adventure for the hapless inventor and canny canine. The pair have opened a new bakery business, but local bakers are being targeted by a mysterious assassin. 
12:00dinnerladies catering: Victoria Wood's excellent sitcom with those tabarded staff from the canteen of HWD Components. Bren is having a hard time with the two youngsters on work experience. S2 Ep1 
12:35dinnerladies trouble: Victoria Wood's quirky sitcom that gets better with every viewing. Jean's husband has left her, and Tony wants Bren to go to Marbella with him. S2 Ep2 
13:10dinnerladies holidays: Victoria Wood's warmhearted sitcom with a superb cast. Petula, BAFTA hat-trick winner Julie Walters, is doing dangerous things with gas in her caravan. And Bren is excited. S2 Ep3 
13:50Only Fools and Horses From Prussia with Love Del never lets an opportunity to make a quick buck pass him by. A heavily pregnant German au pair wants to get her prospective baby adopted. Del smells money! S5 Ep1 
14:30Only Fools and Horses The Miracle of Peckham Del springs into action, alerting the world's media, when the statue of the Virgin Mary at his local church begins to weep real holy tears - open yer wallets! S5 Ep2 
15:10Only Fools and Horses The Longest Night The hapless Trotters are accused of shoplifting when they lose their receipts. Then in the manager's office, they become entangled in an armed siege. Not cushty! S5 Ep3 
15:50Only Fools and Horses The Sky's the Limit Would you let Del sort out your love life? The Trotters' flat is getting crowded as Rodders has left Cassandra and returned home, and Del's Raquel has moved in. S7 Ep1 
16:55Only Fools and Horses Tea for Three As the brothers fancy the same girl, Del resorts to dirty tricks when Rodders falls asleep under a sun lamp. So Rodney volunteers Del for a spot of hang-gliding. S5 Ep4 
17:35Only Fools and Horses Video Nasty When Rodney is given a grant to make a community film, Del sees a chance for lining his own pockets by videoing weddings, and making a blue movie called Night Nurse. S5 Ep5 
18:15Only Fools and Horses Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Del is offered a 'real big earner' when his ex-partner asks him to front his new business in Australia - but are family ties too strong to go? S5 Ep6 
18:55Only Fools and Horses The Chance of a Lunchtime: Del sticks his oar in again! He attempts to get Rodney's relationship with Cassandra back on the rails by craftily organising a rendezvous between them. S7 Ep2 
20:00New: Britain's Greatest Comedian A jury of nine comedians, actors and writers come together to establish the definitive answer, based on a public vote that has given them a shortlisted top 30 to choose from. 
23:00Mrs Brown's Boys Mammy's Merchandise Popular Irish sitcom. With the wedding looming, the Brown household is in crisis as Dermot and Agnes disagree over the best man. S1 Ep3 
23:40The Office Party Classic comedy with the excruciating David Brent. David is made an offer he cannot refuse, while Gareth turns on the charm and Trudy's birthday celebrations turn a little raunchy. S2 Ep3 
00:20The Office Motivation Simply the best! Offbeat sitcom, filmed documentary-style, set in the offices of a Slough paper merchant. David Brent makes some easy money moonlighting. S2 Ep4 
01:00Little Britain Matt Lucas and David Walliams take a comic look at life in Britain. Lou and Andy go to the seaside and Dafydd has been to a rugby match. With Anthony Head and Geraldine James. S2 Ep6 
01:35Bridget and Eamon New Best Friends Irish comedy. Bridget and Eamon make new best friends with a visiting American couple, but they cannot work out why anyone would want to spend so much money on them. S2 Ep1 
02:05Bridget and Eamon The Election Irish comedy. Eamon runs for local election, helped by backhanders from Billy. But Bridget resigns as his campaign manager and runs against him. S2 Ep2 
02:30Rock and Chips The Frog and the Pussycat 'Del Boy Begins' - the popular prequel to Only Fools and Horses. Young Del has fallen in lust again, and the lucky girl's parents throw an engagement party. Ep3 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.