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Listings for UK Gold on Saturday, November 24 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:45Sorry! Dream Time Language, Timothy!, Classic sitcom fun with Ronnie Corbett. Can Timothy turn his dream into reality before his mother turns it into a nightmare? S6 Ep2 
08:20Sorry! A Little Something Set Aside Gentle sitcom with Ronnie Corbett. In the middle of a domestic economy drive, Mother discovers a modest sum in Timothy's savings account. S4 Ep5 
09:00The Vicar of Dibley Dibley Live Dawn French is the cuddly vicar. When Radio Dibley is live on air for one week, Geraldine presents a 'Brain of Dibley' competition. Don't even think about it, Alice! S2 Ep2 
09:40The Vicar of Dibley Celebrity Vicar Dawn French as the friendly vicar shows she can do sitcom as well as Jennifer Saunders. Geraldine becomes a celebrity after doing 'Pause for Thought' on the radio. S2 Ep3 
10:20The Vicar of Dibley Love and Marriage Dawn French stars as the maverick vicar who is about to preside over the marriage of Alice and Hugo. On the evening before, Alice casually drops a bombshell. S2 Ep4 
11:00Only Fools and Horses The Sky's the Limit Would you let Del sort out your love life? The Trotters' flat is getting crowded as Rodders has left Cassandra and returned home, and Del's Raquel has moved in. S7 Ep1 
12:05Only Fools and Horses The Chance of a Lunchtime: Del sticks his oar in again! He attempts to get Rodney's relationship with Cassandra back on the rails by craftily organising a rendezvous between them. S7 Ep2 
13:10Only Fools and Horses Stage Fright Del is helping a pregnant Raquel with her career in showbiz by arranging for a one-night spot at a local cabaret club alongside Tony Angelino, 'the singing dustman'. S7 Ep3 
14:20Only Fools and Horses Mother Nature's Son Things are moving on for the Trotter family as Del is now a dad, and Rodney is back with Cassandra. But Del is down in the yuletide dumps with money problems. 
15:45Only Fools and Horses Time on Our Hands The final part of the Christmas special which saw the Trotters' dreams finally coming true. Raquel has invited her parents to dinner at Nelson Mandela House. 
17:05Only Fools and Horses Rodney Come Home 1990 Christmas special and it's true love for Del and Raquel as they set up home at Nelson Mandela House. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Rodders and Cassandra. 
18:40Only Fools and Horses The Class of '62: When Del gets invited to a reunion at his old school, he can't wait to meet up with his former classmates. But one of them isn't quite as friendly as Del would like. S7 Ep4 
19:45Only Fools and Horses He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle Street crime is affecting the tenants of Nelson Mandela House and when Uncle Albert is one of the victims, Del decides he's Charles Bronson. S7 Ep5 
20:55Only Fools and Horses Three Men, a Woman and a Baby Rodney and Albert contemplate the prospect of doting dad Del. Meanwhile, Raquel has the baby blues, and Rodney's bedroom is being turned into a nursery. S7 Ep6 
22:00Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow Brighton At the Brighton Dome, Michael McIntyre introduces Micky Flanagan, Jo Caulfield and Jon Richardson. Headlining is the Pub Landlord, the one and only Al Murray. S1 Ep6 
23:00Mrs Brown's Boys Mammy's Miracle Popular Irish sitcom. Father Quinn is losing his faith, Dermot and Maria are fighting, and Grandad decides that he wants to watch his own funeral. S1 Ep6 
23:40The Fast Show You ain't seen this cult comedy sketch show - right? Sketches include Jesse's Diets, Unlucky Alf, spaced-out research scientist Denzil Dexter, Jazz Club and Suit You Sir! S2 Ep1 
00:15The Fast Show Guest appearance by snooker star Steve 'Interesting' Davis, plus some hellish neighbours, and the newlywed couple whose displays of... um... affection are never-ending. S2 Ep2 
00:55Armando Iannucci Reality Armando Iannucci expresses his comic outlook on life. In this edition, he examines reality, drawing the conclusion that we no longer take it seriously. S1 Ep7 
01:30Armando Iannucci Imagination Armando Iannucci expresses his comic outlook on life. In this edition, he taunts animals at the zoo with reminders of how much better humans are than them. S1 Ep8 
02:00Bill Hicks: Revelations The late stand-up comedian Bill Hicks is in blistering form at this show recorded at the Dominion Theatre, London, in 1993. 
03:00Shooting Stars Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer host the surreal comedy quiz show, assisted by Matt Lucas as George Dawes. Guests are Nicky Clarke, Tania Strecker and Quentin Willson. S4 Ep6 
03:30Vic Reeves Big Night Out The surreal comedy series with Vic and Bob has a very special guest. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Charles Darwin! S1 Ep2 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.