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Listings for UK Gold on Sunday, February 24 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Butterflies Parting Carla Lane's classic sitcom with a romantic tinge. Leonard invites Ria to his flat before he leaves for New York. Poor old Geoffrey Palmer! Don't do it, Wendy! S3 Ep7 
07:45The Interviews Two Ronnies Chart the story of the much-missed duo of Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett through fascinating chat show interview clips and sketches from their unforgettable comedy archive. S1 Ep2 
08:40Only Fools and Horses Time on Our Hands The final part of the Christmas special which saw the Trotters' dreams finally coming true. Raquel has invited her parents to dinner at Nelson Mandela House. 
10:00Only Fools and Horses Danger UXD Classic hilarity all the way from Peckham with the Trotters. Ace entrepreneur Del Boy tries to keep up with the yuppies and gets involved in a shady business deal. S6 Ep2 
11:00Only Fools and Horses Big Brother It's the first ever episode of the iconic sitcom, introducing Peckham's finest to the world. Young Rodney must decide whether to go into business with Del. S1 Ep1 
11:40Only Fools and Horses Cash and Curry National treasure of a comedy with Peckham's finest. An opportunity arises for Del to make his fortune, but a missing statue and gang warfare create problems. S1 Ep3 
12:20Only Fools and Horses The Second Time Around Love comes into Del's life when an old flame returns to London. But Rodney and Grandad are determined to extinguish the torch that Del is carrying. S1 Ep4 
13:00Only Fools & Horses Dates Things have gone so well for the Trotters that Del and Rodney decide to treat Uncle Albert to a surprise birthday party. And Rodders has a night on the town with a date. 
14:45Only Fools and Horses Slow Bus to Chingford You can't help but admire Del's flair for enterprise as he ropes in a reluctant Rodney and Grandad into Trotter Watch Security and Trotter's Ethnic Tours. S1 Ep5 
15:25Only Fools and Horses The Unlucky Winner Is... The Trotters go overseas after Del enters one of Rodney's paintings in a competition and wins a week's holiday in Mallorca for three. But there's a catch... S6 Ep4 
16:35Only Fools and Horses Yuppy Love Del is desperate to keep up with the new yuppies on the block and arms himself with red braces and a filofax to do battle, 1980s-style. Don't lean on the bar, Del! S6 Ep1 
17:40Only Fools & Horses Dates Things have gone so well for the Trotters that Del and Rodney decide to treat Uncle Albert to a surprise birthday party. And Rodders has a night on the town with a date. 
19:25Still Open All Hours Sequel to the much loved sitcom Open All Hours. David Jason returns as Granville, who finds himself forced into taking extra security precautions for the shop. S1 Ep1 
20:00Still Open All Hours Granville is determined to improve Gastric's image in order to matchmake him with Madge. His plans take an inspired turn when a salesman returns to town. S1 Ep2 
20:40Jason Manford: My Favourite Sketch The show where top comedians and comedy actors tip their hats to great sketches in comedy history. This time, Jason Manford shares his choices. S1 Ep3 
21:40Knowing Me, Knowing You... ...with Alan Partridge. Spoof talk show hosted by the man who made 'sports casual' what it is today. The erotic dance troupe booked on the show aren't quite what Alan was expecting. S1 Ep3 
22:20Knowing Me, Knowing You... ...with Alan Partridge. Alan Partridge presents a French edition of the show 'live' from Paris, with co-host Nina Vanier, the French Sue Lawley. Guests include fashion dame Yvonne Boyd. S1 Ep4 
23:00Bottom More punch-ups and pratfalls in the endlessly anarchic sitcom. Eddie and Richie discover that bad luck - not money - is the root of all evil. Well, they should know! S1 Ep4 
23:40Bottom The sex-starved and extremely sad blokes. Having agreed to mind their landlord's shop, the lads are soon at odds with the local community, as well as a gang of looters. S1 Ep5 
00:20Peep Show Burgling Dark comedy featuring two socially dysfunctional flatmates. Mark rediscovers the single life after his disastrous wedding to Sophie, and he and Jeremy become victims of crime. S5 Ep1 
00:55The Fast Show The final instalment of the groundbreaking comedy show. Featuring special guest appearances from Johnny Depp and Jodie Kidd. S4 Ep1 
01:55The Fast Show The final hurrah from the quick-fire sketch team continues, featuring old favourites and new characters. S4 Ep2 
02:40Bull Bull, 2: Sitcom starring Robert Lindsay as lovable but hapless antiques dealer, Rupert. A rival antiques firm opens a branch called Mumford & Sons, owned by the enigmatic Mr Mumford. S1 Ep2 
03:10The League of Gentlemen Escape from Royston Vasey Cult black comedy that made the leap from radio to small screen. Mr Chinnery has some bad luck with a cow, and the local shop gets an unexpected visitor. S1 Ep6 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.