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Listings for Sky Two on Sunday, September 23 2018

06:00Road Wars Brimming with real-life thrills and spills, Road Wars provides an exclusive insight into the admirable efforts of the Proactive Unit in their war against crime. Strong language. (S6, ep 8) 
07:00Road Wars While the Thames Valley Police provide a fascinating insight into car crime and its prevention, video footage captures dangerous drivers in action. Contains strong language. (S6, ep 9) 
08:00Road Wars In an action-packed instalment, Kev and Waller deal with a drug addict in Windsor, and Simon confronts a driver with a few unpleasant surprises up his sleeve. Strong language. (S6, ep 14) 
09:00Stargate SG-1 The Fifth Race When O'Neill looks into an alien viewer, he becomes a receptacle for ancient knowledge which could unlock some of life's deepest mysteries. (S2, ep 16) 
10:00Stargate SG-1 Serpent's Song When SG-1's mortal enemy Apophis seeks sanctuary in the command centre, his presence unleashes an ancient spirit whose wrath threatens to destroy everyone. (S2, ep 17) 
11:00Stargate SG-1 Holiday Daniel falls victim to an invention that swaps his body with that of a dying man. (S2, ep 18) 
12:00Stargate SG-1 One False Step SG-1's presence in an alien community causes a wave of illness, which threatens to wipe out the entire alien civilisation. (S2, ep 19) 
13:00Stargate SG-1 Show And Tell In a war of attrition against the Goa'ulds, a race of invisible aliens plots to kill all of mankind. (S2, ep 20) 
14:00Supergirl The Adventures of Supergirl Kara teams up with her cousin to stop a new threat in Central City. Superhero action-adventure drama starring Melissa Benoist. (S2, ep 1) 
15:00Supergirl New & Exclusive. The Last Children of Krypton: Cadmus attacks National City with a kryptonite powered villain who attempts to seriously hurt Supergirl. (S2, ep 2) 
16:00The Flash The Runaway Dinosaur While Barry fights to return to his former life, the team must figure out how to deal with the return of super-strong villain Girder. Flashing images. (S2, ep 21) 
17:00The Flash Invincible Barry is shocked when he learns who is leading the army of meta-humans Zoom has unleashed on the city. Wally decides to fight with The Flash. Flashing images. (S2, ep 22) 
18:00The Flash The Race of his Life The Flash dares to take on Zoom as the hit superhero drama culminates in a dramatic showdown between the two meta-human speedsters. Flashing images. (S2, ep 23) 
19:00The Flash Flashpoint The scarlet speedster returns in season three of the action-packed superhero drama as Barry Allen wakes up to a brand new alternative universe. (S3, ep 1) 
20:00The Flash Paradox The action-packed superhero drama continues as Barry (Grant Gustin) realises the effects from Flashpoint are much greater than he thought. (S3, ep 2) 
21:00A League Of Their Own Can't get enough of James and the boys? Relive the fun and games of series 12 with this look back at its funniest and most memorable moments. (S12, ep 9) 
22:00A League Of Their Own James, Freddie and Jamie welcome funnyman Romesh Ranganathan to their crew. Tony Bellew, Lizzy Yarnold and Alan Carr join the fun. (S13, ep 1) 
23:00FACE-IT CS:GO MAJOR FINALS HIGHLIGHTS New & Exclusive. Highlights of the thirteenth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship as the biggest CS:GO event of the year comes to the UK for the first time. 
01:00A League Of Their Own A calamitous game of footy awaits West Ham's Jack Wilshere, tennis coach Judy Murray and stand-up star Rob Beckett as they join James Corden and the boys. (S13, ep 2) 
02:00A League Of Their Own Adam Peaty, David Walliams and Helen Skelton dive into the fun as they join James for a line-up of riotous challenges. First up is a swimming race. (S13, ep 3) 
03:00Supergirl Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1: Barry and Iris's wedding brings The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow gangs together in an epic crossover event. (S3, ep 8) 
04:00Supergirl Reign Supergirl investigates when a strange symbol pops up in National City. James is forced to step in as tension builds between Lena and Morgan. (S3, ep 9) 
05:00Supergirl Legion of Super-Heroes Mon-El hopes genius Legion member Brainiac-5 can snap Supergirl out of her coma. The DEO gets help in its fight against Reign's rampage. (S3, ep 10) 
06:00Road Wars Brimming with real-life thrills and spills, Road Wars provides an exclusive insight into the admirable efforts of the Proactive Unit in their war against crime. Strong language. (S6, ep 8)