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Listings for Sky Two on Saturday, September 22 2018

06:00It's Me Or The Dog World-renowned dog trainer Victoria Stillwell uses positive reinforcement techniques to help hapless British families bring their unruly hounds to heel. (S2, ep 3) 
06:30It's Me Or The Dog World-renowned dog trainer Victoria Stillwell uses positive reinforcement techniques to help hapless British families bring their unruly hounds to heel. (S2, ep 4) 
07:00It's Me Or The Dog When DJ 'Diddy' David Hamilton took in a Gordon Setter, he got much more than he bargained for. Max is a canine who is out of control. Can Victoria Stillwell bring him to heel? (S2, ep 5) 
07:30It's Me Or The Dog Rebecca and her dog are inseparable. So when she leaves the house he turns into a mess and makes an even bigger one on the lounge floor. Enter Victoria to train the messy mutt. (S2, ep 6) 
08:00It's Me Or The Dog Twenty-year-old former model Jade thought Chinese crested Tallulah would be the perfect accessory. Little did she know that this dog is a diva with her own baggage. (S2, ep 7) 
08:30It's Me Or The Dog Ben is an Alsatian with an attitude problem who refuses to be ordered around. Dog expert Victoria attempts to bring a halt to his bad boy ways. But will Ben play nice? (S2, ep 8) 
09:00Road Wars Documentary highlighting the fast thinking and hard work it takes to police the front line of crime in the UK. Strong language. (S6, ep 1) 
10:00Road Wars More full-throttle action in the fly-on-the-wall series. In tonight's instalment: a nasty gang mugging, a high-speed pursuit and a mouthy youth. Strong language. (S6, ep 5) 
11:00Stargate SG-1 The Tok'ra - Part 1: Samantha Carter has a vision that leads to a meeting with the Tok'ra, a powerful group of Goa'uld rebels. (S2, ep 11) 
12:00Stargate SG-1 The Tok'ra - Part 2: Samantha Carter's father, facing certain death due to cancer, agrees to become a host for one of the Tok'ra - the sworn enemies of the Goa'uld System Lords. (S2, ep 12) 
13:00Stargate SG-1 Spirits Plans by Stargate Command and the NID to mine a planet populated by Coast Salish Indians run into trouble due to the mysterious spirits who protect the planet. (S2, ep 13) 
14:00Stargate SG-1 Touchstone While attempting to return a stolen weather device to the planet of Madrona, O'Neill and the SG-1 team uncover a government agenda that has sinister implications. (S2, ep 14) 
15:00Stargate SG-1 A Matter Of Time While trying to save fellow Stargate officers from a black hole, the SG-1 team and Earth become threatened by the hole's potentially fatal gravitational pull. (S2, ep 15) 
16:00A Town Called Eureka It's Not Easy Being Green The flames of rivalry are stoked when the residents of Area 51 arrive for a bowling contest. Meanwhile, Carter probes a series of pranks. (S3, ep 12) 
17:00A Town Called Eureka If You Build It... Suspicions are aroused when the town's teenagers start to act strangely and an odd structure is erected. Are the two linked? Suitably surreal viewing. (S3, ep 13) 
18:00A Town Called Eureka Ship Happens Carter believes there's a connection between a strange ship and a series of deadly electrical anomalies. Can he put a stop to the freakish occurrences? (S3, ep 14) 
19:00A Town Called Eureka Shower The People Allison is thrown a baby shower, and Carter investigates when a group of scientists are found drowned in an area where drowning should be impossible. (S3, ep 15) 
20:00A Town Called Eureka You Don't Know Jack Eureka can't catch a break and is subjected to more strange goings on. As well as an outbreak of a communal form of Alzheimer's, Allison gives birth. (S3, ep 16) 
21:00A Discovery Of Witches New & Exclusive. As Matthew fights to control his cravings, he leaves Diana to face her enemies alone. And those include powerful witch Peter Knox. (S1, ep 2) 
22:00NCIS: Los Angeles Fish Out of Water Kensi investigates a helicopter crash connected to the elusive White Ghost. In LA, meanwhile, a DEA agent temporarily joins the team. (S5, ep 16) 
23:00NCIS: Los Angeles Between the Lines While Callen and the gang investigate the execution of an undercover agent, Kensi steps up her search for the White Ghost. (S5, ep 17) 
00:00NCIS: Los Angeles Zero Days Suspicions are aroused when Eric's friend, a computer expert, is attacked. Kensi, meanwhile, is reunited with a familiar face from her past. (S5, ep 18) 
01:00NCIS: Los Angeles Spoils of War Pressure mounts as the team race to Afghanistan to rescue Kensi from the Taliban's clutches. Hetty, meanwhile, has some secrets to share. (S5, ep 19) 
02:00NCIS: Los Angeles Windfall The team investigate a former marine being pursued by members of al-Qaeda. Plus, Kensi returns to work and wants to hit the ground running. (S5, ep 20) 
03:00Supergirl Damage Lena's in for a hard time when she's blamed for making countless children ill. Kara steps in to clear her name. But it's not as easy as she thought. (S3, ep 5) 
04:00Supergirl Midvale Kara heads home to Midvale. But all hopes of some R&R are dashed when her visit forces her to recall a painful childhood memory. (S3, ep 6) 
05:00Supergirl New & Exclusive. Wake Up: Supergirl springs into action when the team discovers an alien ship has crash landed under National City. Meanwhile, Hank tries to bond with his father. (S3, ep 7) 
06:00Road Wars Brimming with real-life thrills and spills, Road Wars provides an exclusive insight into the admirable efforts of the Proactive Unit in their war against crime. Strong language. (S6, ep 8)