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Listings for Sky Movies Modern Greats on Wednesday, June 3 2020

05:30Blood Diamond Film Mercenary Leonardo DiCaprio helps Djimon Hounsou find his stolen son in exchange for a rare jewel, in war-torn Sierra Leone. Thriller. Strong violence/strong language. (2006)(138 mins) Also in HD 
08:00Father Of The Bride Film Doting father Steve Martin struggles to let his little girl go when she announces that she is engaged to be married. Comedy remake starring Diane Keaton and Martin Short. (1991)(100mins) Also in HD 
09:50Spartacus (1960) Film Stanley Kubrick's Oscar-winning epic stars the late Kirk Douglas as the heroic slave who leads a rebellion against the Romans. Contains moderate violence. (1960)(183 mins) Also in HD 
13:05Evita Film Madonna gives a career-best performance as Argentina's controversial Eva Peron. Antonio Banderas co-stars in an Oscar-winning adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical. (1996)(129 mins) Also in HD 
15:25Twister Film Helen Hunt and the late Bill Paxton star in this FX-filled action movie about rival teams of scientists competing to investigate a series of destructive tornadoes. (1996)(109 mins) Also in HD 
17:25Twins Film Two unlikely brothers reunite after years apart to seek out their long-lost mother. Comedy with Danny DeVito. Moderate language/sexual references/stereo sound only. (1988)(102 mins) Also in HD 
19:15The Truman Show Film Jim Carrey is an ordinary guy in an ordinary town. He's also the unsuspecting star of the world's longest-running reality TV show. Intelligent drama. Flashing images. (1998)(98 mins) Also in HD 
21:00Carlito's Way Film Al Pacino stars as the ex-con trying to go straight but unable to escape his violent past. Thriller with Sean Penn. Very strong language/strong violence/sex/flashing images. (1993)(139mins) Also in HD 
23:30Django Unchained Film Quentin Tarantino's Oscar-winning western stars Jamie Foxx as a freed slave on a quest to find his wife. Strong language/violence/nudity/mature themes/flashing images. (2012)(166 mins) Also in HD 
02:20Hoffa Film Jack Nicholson stars as a union leader whose underworld connections lead to his downfall. Danny DeVito directs. Drama. Strong language/violence/flashing images. (1992)(134 mins) Also in HD 
04:50The Ladykillers (1955) Film Five oddball criminals rent rooms from a suspicious octogenarian landlady to plot their latest heist. Oscar-nominated crime comedy with Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers. (1955)(91 mins) Also in HD