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Listings for Sky Movies Indie on Wednesday, June 19 2019

04:40Fatima (2015) Film Award-winning drama about a Moroccan-born single mother struggling to raise her two daughters while working as a cleaner in Lyon. In French and Arabic with subtitles. (2015)(76 mins) Also in HD 
06:05The Housemaid (2016) Film A vengeful spirit stirs when the owner of a crumbling rubber plantation embarks on a forbidden affair with his young housemaid. In Vietnamese with English subtitles. (2016)(101 mins) Also in HD 
07:55Shin Godzilla Film Japan is plunged into chaos when a skyscraper-sized lizard monster rises from the deep and lays waste to Tokyo. Award-winning creature feature. In Japanese with subtitles. (2016)(116 mins) Also in HD 
10:00Kissing Candice Film A lonely small-town teen dreaming of a more exciting life is rescued from an epileptic episode by a handsome stranger, but is he all that he seems? Stylish Irish drama. (2017)(104 mins) Also in HD 
11:55Iceman (2017) Film Consumed by anger and pain, a Neolithic nomad sets out to avenge the brutal murder of his wife and son. Intense Stone Age thriller with unsubtitled Rhaetian dialogue. (2017)(93 mins) Also in HD 
13:40The Magnificent Seven Ride! Film Lee Van Cleef is forced to saddle up for one last ride, assembling a gang of cutthroat convicts to take revenge on a band of vicious Mexican bandits. Western sequel. (1972)(97 mins) Also in HD 
15:25Mad To Be Normal Film Period biopic starring David Tennant as RD Laing, the hard-drinking 60s psychologist whose revolutionary methods caused a considerable stir. With Elisabeth Moss. (2017)(101 mins) Also in HD 
17:15Hustle & Flow Film When rap king Skinny Black comes to town, Memphis pimp Terrence Howard takes his shot at hip-hop stardom. Powerful street drama with an Oscar-winning soundtrack. (2005)(112 mins) Also in HD 
19:15Isle Of Dogs Film In a dystopian Japan a young boy goes searching for his beloved mutt on the bleak island where all dogs have been quarantined. From Wes Anderson. (2018)(97 mins) Also in HD 
21:00Collateral Film LA cabbie Jamie Foxx unwittingly turns getaway driver when he picks up ruthless hitman Tom Cruise. Thriller from Heat director Michael Mann. Strong language/violence. (2004)(115 mins) Also in HD 
23:05Django Unchained Film Quentin Tarantino's Oscar-winning western stars Jamie Foxx as a freed slave on a quest to find his wife. Strong language/violence/nudity/mature themes/flashing images. (2012)(166 mins) Also in HD 
01:50Donnie Brasco Film Classic crime drama starring Al Pacino as an ageing hitman who takes a young gangster (Johnny Depp) under his wing - unaware that he is actually an FBI agent. (1997)(122 mins) Also in HD 
04:00That's Not Me Film A wannabe actress sees her dreams of hitting the big time come crashing down as her identical twin sister catapults to international stardom. Charming Aussie comedy. (2017)(83 mins) Also in HD 
05:30Insyriated Film Award-winning drama chronicling the harrowing life of a mother attempting to keep her children safe in Syria's war-torn capital, Damascus. In Arabic with English subtitles. (2017)(83 mins) Also in HD