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Listings for Sky Movies Indie on Thursday, January 30 2020

04:15The Quiet Man Film Ex-boxer John Wayne returns to his rural Irish hometown to settle down and tame feisty Maureen O'Hara. Hugely enjoyable slice of Oscar-winning blarney from John Ford. (1952)(124 mins) Also in HD 
06:30Ray Film Jamie Foxx is on Oscar-winning form in this vibrant biopic of blind music legend Ray Charles. Kerry Washington co-stars. Contains drug use/flashing images. (2004)(146 mins) Also in HD 
09:15Lawrence Of Arabia Film David Lean's multiple Oscar-winning classic stars Peter O'Toole as the young lieutenant uniting Arab tribes for war. With Alec Guinness and Omar Sharif. (1962)(207 mins) Also in HD 
12:55Pearl Harbor Film US pilots Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett are thrown into battle when the Japanese attack. But who'll win the fight for Kate Beckinsale's heart? Violence/flashing images. (2001)(176 mins) Also in HD 
16:00Coco Film Oscar-winning Pixar animation about a music-loving youngster whisked away to the Land of the Dead after playing an enchanted guitar. With the voice of Gael Garcia Bernal. (2017)(105 mins) Also in HD 
18:00The Untouchables Film Robert De Niro stars as mob boss Al Capone, with Kevin Costner as the Treasury agent determined to take him down. Gangland thriller. Strong language/strong violence. (1987)(115 mins) Also in HD 
20:00Forrest Gump Film Tom Hanks stars in Robert Zemeckis's brilliant Oscar-winning tale which follows the eventful life of an extraordinary man. Strong language/mild violence/flashing images. (1994)(137 mins) Also in HD 
22:25Inglourious B*****ds Film It's war Tarantino style, as Brad Pitt leads a gang of Jewish soldiers on a mission to bump off Hitler. Contains strong language, violence and flashing images. (2009)(147 mins) Also in HD 
01:00Erin Brockovich Film Julia Roberts plays the gutsy mum who takes on a corporation polluting local water. Oscar winner from Steven Soderbergh, with the late Albert Finney. Strong language. (2000)(125 mins) Also in HD 
03:15Breakfast At Tiffany's Film Writer George Peppard falls head over heels for kooky neighbour Audrey Hepburn. Iconic romance based on Truman Capote's novella. (1961)(110 mins) Also in HD 
05:15Kramer Vs Kramer Film Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep won Oscars for their roles in this landmark drama about two parents fighting for custody of their son. Poignant Best Picture winner. (1979)(101 mins) Also in HD