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Listings for Sky Movies Crime Thriller on Sunday, October 27 2019

04:25Point Last Seen Film As tracker Linda Hamilton searches the desert for a missing girl, she's haunted by the disappearance of her own children, snatched by their violent dad. Drama. (1998)(86 mins) 
06:10The Hunt For Red October Film Soviet nuclear sub commander Sean Connery announces his defection to the West, but is it just a war-mongering ploy? Thriller with Alec Baldwin. (1990)(130 mins) Also in HD 
08:25Braven Film Action thriller starring Justice League's Jason Momoa as a logger and loving family man caught up in a deadly conflict with a drug-dealing gang. With Avatar's Stephen Lang. (2018)(90 mins) Also in HD 
10:00The Negotiator (2018) Film Former US diplomat Jon Hamm is forced to return to the scene of a heartbreaking tragedy in order to negotiate the release of an old friend. Thriller with Rosamund Pike. (2018)(105 mins) Also in HD 
11:50Gran Torino Film Drama starring Clint Eastwood as a cantankerous Korean War veteran who reluctantly becomes a hero to his immigrant neighbours. Strong language/violence/flashing images. (2008)(115 mins) Also in HD 
13:50The Firm (1993) Film Young lawyer Tom Cruise becomes embroiled in his new firm's shady dealings. Sydney Pollack directs this gripping drama. Contains strong language and violence. (1993)(149 mins) Also in HD 
16:25A Few Good Men Film Navy lawyers Tom Cruise and Demi Moore butt heads with top brass Jack Nicholson when a Marine is killed by his comrades at Guantanamo Bay. Courtroom drama. Strong language. (1992)(133 mins) Also in HD 
18:45Widows Film A group of widows linked by their husbands' debts team up to pull off a huge heist. From award-winning director Steve McQueen. With Viola Davis and Michelle Rodriguez. (2018)(128 mins) Also in HD 
21:00Hotel Mumbai Film The true story of the Taj Hotel terror attacks, and the heroic hotel staff. With Dev Patel. Contains upsetting scenes. (2018)(123 mins) Also in HD 
23:05Face/Off Film Nicolas Cage and John Travolta tear it up as a crook and a cop who swap faces in John Woo's superslick action extravaganza. With Joan Allen and Gina Gershon. (1997)(134 mins) Also in HD 
01:35Pimped Film Suspense-filled thriller in which a smooth-talker and a spoiled rich-kid lure an unsuspecting woman into a cruel sex game filled with power plays and manipulation. (2018)(90mins) Also in HD 
03:05Outlaws (2017) Film In the gritty underworld of outlaw motorcycle club gangs, loyalty is everything. But when a member's brother's life is at risk, he has to cross the top dog to save him. (2017)(90 mins) Also in HD 
04:50Sam Churchill: Search For A... Film ...Homeless Man: Thriller about an ex-surfer turned detective (The Dukes Of Hazzard's John Schneider) who tracks a hostage held by a dangerous gang. (1998)(93 mins)