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Listings for Sky Movies Crime Thriller on Thursday, October 24 2019

04:20Sam Churchill: Search For A... Film ...Homeless Man: Thriller about an ex-surfer turned detective (The Dukes Of Hazzard's John Schneider) who tracks a hostage held by a dangerous gang. (1998)(93 mins) 
06:05Jackals (2017) Film A desperate family kidnap their estranged son from a murderous cult, but it isn't long before the cavalry come knocking at the door. Home-invasion horror with Stephen Dorff. (2017)(83 mins) Also in HD 
07:35Black Butterfly Film Antonio Banderas stars as a struggling, alcoholic writer drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Jonathan Rhys Myers' mysterious drifter. Thriller. (2017)(93 mins) Also in HD 
09:15Spinning Man Film After a student disappears at a nearby lake, college professor Guy Pearce finds himself the prime suspect of tough detective Pierce Brosnan. Thriller with Minnie Driver. (2018)(97 mins) Also in HD 
11:10Serpent (2017) Film A trek into the wilderness becomes a battle for survival when a troubled couple find themselves trapped in their tent by a deadly snake. Tense horror-thriller. (2017)(83 mins) Also in HD 
12:50Gran Torino Film Drama starring Clint Eastwood as a cantankerous Korean War veteran who reluctantly becomes a hero to his immigrant neighbours. Strong language/violence/flashing images. (2008)(115 mins) Also in HD 
14:50The 15:17 To Paris Film True-life drama focusing on the lives of three US backpackers who thwarted a terrorist attack on a high-speed train. Clint Eastwood directs. (2018)(90 mins) Also in HD 
16:35Blood Diamond Film Mercenary Leonardo DiCaprio helps Djimon Hounsou find his stolen son in exchange for a rare jewel, in war-torn Sierra Leone. Thriller. Strong violence/strong language. (2006)(138 mins) Also in HD 
19:00White Boy Rick Film Crime drama with Matthew McConaughey based on the true story of Rick Wershe, a teenage drug kingpin who became the youngest informant in the history of the FBI. (2018)(111 mins) Also in HD 
21:00Papillon (2017) Film Drama following the incredible story of Henri Charriere, and his fight to escape the brutal penal colony on Devil's Island when he is framed for murder. With Rami Malek. (2017)(133 mins) Also in HD 
23:20The Juror Film When single mother Demi Moore is called up for jury service, violent mobster Alec Baldwin tries to force her to instigate an acquittal. Thriller. Strong language/violence. (1996)(114 mins) Also in HD 
01:20Con Air Film Paroled US Army ranger Nicolas Cage becomes trapped on a hijacked prison plane. OTT action with Steve Buscemi and John Malkovich among the cons. (1997)(111 mins) Also in HD 
03:25Knuckleball Film A 12-year-old boy finds himself in the midst of a terrifying ordeal, targeted, alone, and on an isolated farm. Thriller with Michael Ironside. (2018)(84 mins) Also in HD 
05:05Deep Family Secrets Film Thriller about a wealthy businessman who claims that his wife has been kidnapped. The couple's youngest daughter sets out to uncover the truth. (1997)(88 mins)