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Listings for Sky Movies Crime Thriller on Wednesday, January 17 2018

04:30Deep Family Secrets Film Thriller about a wealthy businessman who claims that his wife has been kidnapped. The couple's youngest daughter sets out to uncover the truth. (1997)(88 mins) 
06:10What Lies Beneath Film Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer discover that their beautiful lakeside home hides a shocking secret. Horror-thriller from Robert Zemeckis. Strong language/violence. (2000)(125 mins) Also in HD 
08:30Kill Me Three Times Film When a job goes south a hit man finds himself in a twisted tale of murder, blackmail and revenge. Darkly comic thriller with Simon Pegg, Teresa Palmer and Alice Braga. (2014)(87 mins) Also in HD 
10:15Breakdown (2015) Film A hitman haunted by his violent past must protect his wife and teenage daughter from his ruthless employers. Strong language/violence/mature themes/flashing images. (2015)(106 mins) Also in HD 
12:20Body Of Lies Film CIA agents Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe hatch a plan to flush out a high-ranking terrorist in Jordan. Ridley Scott spy thriller. Strong language/strong violence. (2008)(123 mins) Also in HD 
14:40Ocean's Twelve Film George Clooney reassembles his team of conmen and heads to Europe to pull off a series of daring heists. Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt also star in this smooth crime caper. (2004)(120 mins) Also in HD 
17:00The Infiltrator Film Bryan Cranston stars as a chameleonic US agent who infiltrates the intricate criminal network of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Drama with John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger. (2016)(122 mins) Also in HD 
19:10Detour Film Tye Sheridan (X-Men: Apocalypse) stars as a troubled LA law student who drunkenly commits to a revenge plot against his stepfather. Thriller with Brooklyn's Emory Cohen. (2016)(94 mins) Also in HD 
21:00War Dogs Film Miles Teller and Jonah Hill star as twentysomething gun runners who get in way over their heads. True-life comedy-drama directed by Todd Phillips, with Bradley Cooper. (2016)(114 mins) Also in HD 
23:00The Bourne Supremacy Film Matt Damon plays the amnesiac assassin, who is forced to abandon his quiet new life when he is framed for murder. Thriller sequel. Strong language/violence/flashing images. (2004)(105 mins) Also in HD 
01:00Hannibal Film Anthony Hopkins returns as cannibal serial killer Dr Lecter, now at large but hunted by a mutilated former victim. Thriller with Julianne Moore. Strong language/violence. (2000)(132 mins) Also in HD 
03:15Mississippi Burning Film FBI agents Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe stir up Deep South trouble when they investigate three Ku Klux Klan murders. Searing Civil Rights drama with Frances McDormand. (1988)(125 mins) Also in HD 
05:30Angel Flight Down Film A child's life is at stake when an emergency flight crashes in the snowy wilderness. Adventure based on a true story with former Baywatch star David Charvet. (1996)(88 mins)