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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Saturday, November 17 2018

06:00The British War and Peace The factual series closes with the turbulent and triumphant 20th century. CGI and drama re-create World War I and Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. (7/7) 
07:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation A Space Oddity When the producer of a science fiction show is murdered at a Las Vegas convention, Hodges and Wendy find a connection with each other as the team investigate. (S9, ep 20) 
08:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The Gone Dead Train Las Vegas-based forensic drama. A spate of unusual deaths lead the team to suspect that a public health crisis may be emerging. (S9, ep 22) 
09:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Hog Heaven Las Vegas-based forensic drama. An undercover cop's biker gang turn against him when his cover is unexpectedly blown. (S9, ep 23) 
10:00Cold Case Red And The Blue Rush and Scotty travel to Tennessee, where they find themselves embroiled in the world of country music. Grammy winning country singer Tim McGraw guest stars. (S4, ep 11) 
11:00Cold Case Blood On The Tracks The legendary Bob Dylan provides the inspiration for this episode, contributing eight songs, as Rush investigates the murder of two political activists. (S4, ep 15) 
12:00Cold Case The Good-Bye Room Lilly reopens the tragic case of a young woman who was killed the day after her daughter's birth. Could a secret maternity home for unwed mothers be to blame? (S4, ep 16) 
13:00Cold Case Shuffle, Ball Change Rush reopens the 1984 case of a murdered grocery clerk, whose body is found by construction workers. Could a sinister secret hold the key to his death? (S4, ep 17) 
14:00Without A Trace Showdown Continuing from the season three finale, Jack, Sam and Danny lead a manhunt when Martin is critically wounded after he and Danny are ambushed by Dornvald. (S4, ep 1) 
15:00Without A Trace Safe When the team investigate the disappearance of a high school student, Vivian complains that Jack is treating her too cautiously after her recovery. (S4, ep 2) 
16:00Without A Trace From The Ashes A new agent, Elena Delgado, joins the FBI's Missing Persons Unit but soon finds that her NYPD vice training runs contrary to the team's usual methods. (S4, ep 3) 
17:00Without A Trace Lost Time Jack and Vivian revisit an old case when new evidence suggests that a college professor serving time for killing a student might be innocent, despite his confession. (S4, ep 4) 
18:00Without A Trace Viuda Negra When a wealthy American is kidnapped and held for ransom while on holiday with his wife in Mexico, Jack and Danny go south of the border to investigate. (S4, ep 6) 
19:00Blue Bloods Some Kind Of Hero When Danny reopens a closed case, he causes ructions in his own department. Plus, Jamie worries his heroic actions will compromise his undercover work. (S2, ep 19) 
20:00Blue Bloods Working Girls While Danny and Jackie are assigned to protect a key witness in a Russian mob trial, Erin is offered a job that would mean working closely with her father. (S2, ep 20) 
21:00Game Of Thrones The Dragon and the Wolf Season finale. Tyrion tries to save Westeros from itself. Strong language/violence/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S7, ep 7) 
22:30Robin Williams: Come Inside... ...My Mind. A funny, intimate and heartbreaking portrait of one of the world's most beloved and inventive comedians, told through archive footage and by those who knew and loved him. 
00:45Ballers Face of the Franchise An old feud is reignited when Spencer makes a TV appearance, putting his company and reputation in jeopardy. Strong language/sex. (S2, ep 1) 
01:20Dexter Resistance Is Futile Dexter finds it hard to end things with Lila, while one of his enemies learns of his dark passenger. (S2, ep 9) 
02:20Cold Case Knuckle Up Rush reopens the case of a promising college student after his sister finds a video of him being badly beaten on the internet, over a year after his disappearance. (S4, ep 12) 
03:15Cold Case Blackout Rush and Scotty reopen a case concerning the accidental death of a wealthy matriarch and her two children after new evidence suggests that it may have been murder. (S4, ep 13) 
04:10Urban Secrets In Bristol, Alan uncovers a grisly secret at the docks before his journey takes him deep underground in Clifton. He also visits the city's first speakeasy. (3/8) 
05:05Urban Secrets Alan heads to Merseyside on a voyage of discovery in Liverpool. His journey takes him from a recording studio hidden in a bar to Britain's swankiest toilets. (4/8) 
06:00Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets Living & Dying Richard E Grant checks into opulent hotels where the rich and famous have lived, died and fallen in love, including The Dorchester in London. (S1, ep 2)