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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Sunday, August 19 2018

06:00Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets Power & Money Richard E Grant explores the world's most glamorous and notorious hotels in this luxury travel series. On the itinerary tonight: Caesars Palace. (S1, ep 1) 
07:00Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets Living & Dying Richard E Grant checks into opulent hotels where the rich and famous have lived, died and fallen in love, including The Dorchester in London. (S1, ep 2) 
08:00Cold Case Maternal Instinct Rush reopens the case of a murdered mother in order to help the woman's troubled son get closure. After 14 years, Sean is still having painful flashbacks. (S1, ep 21) 
09:00Cold Case The Badlands First episode of the second series. The trail has gone cold but Lilly is determined to nail a triple murderer after one suspect is unexpectedly acquitted. (S2, ep 1) 
10:00Cold Case Factory Girls Rush investigates when a reunion of women who worked together during WWII puts a 1943 death back under the microscope. (S2, ep 2) 
11:00Without A Trace Silent Partner Jack and his team investigate the disappearance of the vice president of an investment banking firm who vanished at an airport and left behind two empty cases. (S1, ep 6) 
12:00Without A Trace Snatch Back The team investigates several suspects when the child of a prominent assistant district attorney vanishes in a public park. (S1, ep 7) 
13:00Without A Trace Little Big Man The team searches for a teenager who went missing in a bad neighbourhood after an encounter with a bully. Crime drama starring Anthony LaPaglia. (S1, ep 8) 
14:00Without A Trace In Extremis When a doctor of Saudi Arabian descent with an exemplary record mysteriously vanishes, Martin is quick to suspect the man of having terrorist connections. (S1, ep 9) 
15:00Without A Trace Midnight Sun The MPU is called in when a man leaves home with his daughter, planning to take her to school and to open his dry-cleaning store, but they both vanish. (S1, ep 10) 
16:00Blue Bloods Back in the Day Frank is concerned when an old cop buddy looks to write a tell-all book about their time on the force. (S6, ep 11) 
17:00Blue Bloods Cursed Danny and Baez work to prevent a gang war when a local mobster is found shot in his car. Their only lead is an errand boy found in the boot. (S6, ep 12) 
18:00Blue Bloods Stomping Grounds Frank has to deal with the fallout when a newly-retired NYPD lieutenant is accused of a shooting on the subway. (S6, ep 13) 
19:00Blue Bloods The Road to Hell Danny is in an unusual situation when several women claim to have murdered their boss. (S6, ep 14) 
20:00Blue Bloods Fresh Start Erin is devastated when it appears a criminal she set free went on to kill a cop. Frank and Mayor Poole continue to lock horns. (S6, ep 15) 
21:00New: Real Time With Bill Maher Uncompromising comic Bill Maher invites three guests from diverse parts of the political spectrum for a lively discussion of the week's events. 
22:10Band Of Brothers Carentan An uncomfortable truth resonates for the Easy Company as they battle on against the Germans, their injuries and their fears. Contains flashing images. (3/10) 
23:35Band Of Brothers Replacements A rest in England prepares Easy Co and their replacements for a mission. A brutal attack serves as a sobering initiation for the new recruits. Contains flashing images. (4/10) 
00:50Boardwalk Empire Erlkonig Nucky deals with the fallout from Willie's fiasco, Eddie Kessler is detained and the Capones recruit Van Alden. Strong language/violence/mature themes/flashing images. (S4, ep 5) 
02:00New: Sharp Objects New & Exclusive. Falling: Camille crosses a line. Adora takes pains to keep an ailing Amma under her roof and in her care. Contains adult themes. (S1, ep 7) 
03:05Ray Donovan Bridget Ray, Terry and Bunchy mark the anniversary of their sister's death, while Mickey meets a former starlet at a spa. Lena and Avi go after Miller's investigations. (S1, ep 8) 
04:10Urban Secrets Alan heads to Merseyside on a voyage of discovery in Liverpool. His journey takes him from a recording studio hidden in a bar to Britain's swankiest toilets. (4/8) 
05:05Urban Secrets Alan returns to London as he walks from one iconic market to another, ambling from Smithfields to Spitalfields where he meets fellow actor Larry Lamb. (5/8) 
06:00The British Dirty Money The factual series proves money does create power. CGI, action-packed drama and guest stars chart how slavery, sex and the empire built Britain's riches. (4/7)