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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Sunday, July 22 2018

06:00Urban Secrets Alan Cumming's tour of the UK continues as he uncovers more secrets in urban areas. This week, he's in Brighton where he travels from the toy museum to the Royal Pavilion. (2/8) 
07:00Urban Secrets In Bristol, Alan uncovers a grisly secret at the docks before his journey takes him deep underground in Clifton. He also visits the city's first speakeasy. (3/8) 
08:00Cold Case Sherry Darlin' Rush receives a cryptic phone call from an anonymous man who claims he murdered his grandmother in 1989 and buried her in the basement of his former home. (S1, ep 9) 
09:00Cold Case Hitchhiker Prompted by two similar murders, Rush reopens the case of a young hitchhiker shot dead in 1997. Could it be the prolonged work of a serial killer? (S1, ep 10) 
10:00Cold Case Hubris A former college professor, who was the prime suspect when one of his students was violently murdered, asks Rush to reopen the case. (S1, ep 11) 
11:00Without A Trace Push Comes to Shove When a doctor vanishes from a hospital, the team believes something from her past might be connected to the disappearance. (S7, ep 9) 
12:00Without A Trace Cloudy with a Chance of Gettysburg The team faces a race against time to track down a TV weatherman who disappears soon after arriving at work bleeding from his side. (S7, ep 10) 
13:00Without A Trace Wanted When a missing teenager is last seen being picked up by her mum after school, the team discovers that the girl had a secret life. (S7, ep 11) 
14:00Without A Trace Believe Me The agents search for a missing bar owner who has a statue of Saint Theresa that is believed to produce miracles. (S7, ep 12) 
15:00Without A Trace Once Lost When the team search for Elena's former partner, who disappeared during an undercover sting operation, the case forces Elena to confront some of her past actions. (S7, ep 13) 
16:00Blue Bloods Home Sweet Home Jamie turns to big brother Danny for help when he meets a homeless teenager who claims a family member was murdered. (S5, ep 12) 
17:00Blue Bloods Love Stories Danny and Baez investigate when a hitman is shot while committing a burglary. Erin doubts herself when a 12-year-old murder case is reopened. (S5, ep 13) 
18:00Blue Bloods The Poor Door Danny and Baez are called in to investigate a murder in a luxury building, while Frank takes issue with a detective friend of Gormley's. (S5, ep 14) 
19:00Blue Bloods Power Players When a star witness in a double murder trial drops out, Erin must bring a protected mob informant back to New York and keep him safe. (S5, ep 15) 
20:00Blue Bloods In the Box When Baez is held at gunpoint in an interrogation room, Danny must try to meet the hostage taker's demands before it's too late. (S5, ep 16) 
21:00New: Game Of Thrones: Best Episodes Ever Sue Perkins hosts a marathon screening of the best episodes of Game of Thrones, full of slaughter and sacrifice, in a Top 10 chosen by fans worldwide. This episode was voted in at Number 2. 
22:10New: Game Of Thrones: Best Episodes Ever After a marathon screening of the best episodes of Game of Thrones, as chosen by fans worldwide, Sue Perkins unveils the top dog. Full of slaughter and sacrifice, here's number 1. 
23:25Game Of Thrones: Greatest Moments Celebrity superfans and cast members run down the most shockingly memorable and infamous moments in Game of Thrones history. 
02:00New: Sharp Objects New & Exclusive. Fix: Camille relives a recent tragedy. Amma flaunts her wild side as Adora admonishes Camille. Contains adult themes. (S1, ep 3) 
03:10CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Iced The CSIs investigate two troublesome cases, involving a basketball player found dead in his college dorm and a body discovered in what appears to be a crop circle. (S5, ep 23) 
04:10Urban Secrets Alan heads to Merseyside on a voyage of discovery in Liverpool. His journey takes him from a recording studio hidden in a bar to Britain's swankiest toilets. (4/8) 
05:05Urban Secrets Alan returns to London as he walks from one iconic market to another, ambling from Smithfields to Spitalfields where he meets fellow actor Larry Lamb. (5/8) 
06:00The British Treasure Island This factual series tells the story of our nation through CGI, re-enactments & interviews with famous faces. (1/7)