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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Saturday, January 20 2018

06:00The Women Who Run Hollywood Documentary from Clara and Julia Kuperberg uncovering the forgotten stories of women who were at the helm of Hollywood during its golden age. 
07:00Must See Movies 2018 Join Sky Cinema's Alex Zane as he looks ahead to the biggest and best films hitting the silver screen in 2018. 
08:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Leaving Las Vegas Catherine testifies in a murder trial, but when the man is found guilty she takes it upon herself to personally gather the evidence to convict him. (S7, ep 11) 
09:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Sweet Jane The CSIs struggle to adapt to Grissom's temporary replacement Michael, but must work together to investigate a serial killer who's been on the loose since the 1970s. (S7, ep 12) 
10:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Redrum Keppler and Catherine deceive their colleagues in a controversial plan to catch a drug supplier who is also the main suspect in a murder case. (S7, ep 13) 
11:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Meet Market Nick and Keppler are sent deep into the bizarre world of black market body parts sales after a corpse is found burned and with its organs removed. (S7, ep 14) 
12:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Law Of Gravity Grissom returns after his teaching sabbatical, and Keppler tries to keep his connection to a double murder case a secret from the other CSIs. (S7, ep 15) 
13:00Cold Case Static Lilly reopens the 1958 case of a famous DJ, whose death was staged to look like a suicide. Could a message hidden in his final broadcast be the key to solving the case? (S4, ep 6) 
14:00Cold Case The Key A case that Jeffries worked on when he was a rookie in 1979 is reopened when new evidence is found. The cop must now go back 27 years and retrace his steps. (S4, ep 7) 
15:00Cold Case Fireflies Racial tensions resurface when Rush reopens the 1975 case of a young white girl who went missing after befriending a young black girl in a predominately white town. (S4, ep 8) 
16:00Without A Trace Midnight Sun The MPU is called in when a man leaves home with his daughter, planning to take her to school and to open his dry-cleaning store, but they both vanish. (S1, ep 10) 
17:00Without A Trace Maple Street The team investigate when a 13-year-old girl disappears on her way to school and the only clue is her discarded video camera. (S1, ep 11) 
18:00Without A Trace Underground Railroad Jack and his team search for a missing pregnant woman who has a medical condition that could lead to her death if she's not found within 24 hours. (S1, ep 12) 
19:00Without A Trace Hang On To Me A man who has been searching for his missing son for the last six years disappears, leaving his wedding ring and a mountain of debt behind. (S1, ep 13) 
20:00Without A Trace The Friendly Skies Jack and his team investigate the disappearance of a flight attendant who may have been having a relationship with a pilot. (S1, ep 14) 
21:00Spielberg Acclaimed documentarian Susan Lacy pulls back the curtain on the remarkable career of one of the most illustrious filmmakers in the world, Steven Spielberg. 
23:40Unseen In 2009, the bodies of eleven women were discovered near the home of a known sex offender. With access to the survivors, Unseen looks into how these murders went unnoticed for so long. 
01:15Dexter Left Turn Ahead Dexter must make a big decision, while Lila returns harbouring a secret to blackmail him with. (S2, ep 11) 
02:25Banshee Bullets And Tears Season two draws to a close with a reunion between Hood, Ana and Rabbit. Strong language/violence/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S2, ep 10) 
03:40Girls Leave Me Alone Hannah runs into her favourite writing professor who convinces her to read a piece in public. Meanwhile, Jessa is given a dressing down. Contains mature themes. (S1, ep 9) 
04:15Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets Power & Money Richard E Grant explores the world's most glamorous and notorious hotels in this luxury travel series. On the itinerary tonight: Caesars Palace. (S1, ep 1) 
05:05Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets Living & Dying Richard E Grant checks into opulent hotels where the rich and famous have lived, died and fallen in love, including The Dorchester in London. (S1, ep 2) 
06:00Cold Case Static Lilly reopens the 1958 case of a famous DJ, whose death was staged to look like a suicide. Could a message hidden in his final broadcast be the key to solving the case? (S4, ep 6)