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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Friday, July 3 2020

06:00Storm City Earthquakes are a geological hazard as old as the earth itself and, in this final episode, Ben Fogle discovers how they wreak so much havoc. (4/4) 
07:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Snakes The team investigate the notoriously violent Mexican musical tradition of Narcocorrido when a rattlesnake is found in the throat of a decapitated head. (S5, ep 12) 
08:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Nesting Dolls When two women are found dead on a construction site, the team are forced to investigate the seedy world of Russian mail-order brides. (S5, ep 13) 
09:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Unbearable The death of a Kodiak bear and nearby hunter sparks an unusual case, while, when a young mother is found dead, evidence points to sources close to home... (S5, ep 14) 
10:00Blue Bloods Little Fish History repeats itself for Frank when the body of a young boy is discovered and identified as the victim he was tasked with finding several years earlier. (S1, ep 11) 
11:00Blue Bloods Family Ties Danny and Frank investigate a double murder with a Russian mobster family. Meanwhile, Erin finds herself heading up the most high profile case in town. (S1, ep 12) 
12:00Blue Bloods Hall Of Mirrors When an undercover officer is shot in Central Park, Danny must investigate whether his cover is blown, exposing New York to a potential terrorist attack. (S1, ep 13) 
13:00The Guest Wing The majestic Muncaster Castle takes centre stage in this penultimate instalment as the Pennington family discuss the struggles of keeping a stately home afloat. (Episode 5 of 6) 
14:00Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets The Extra Factor Richard E Grant checks into The Goring and The Ritz as he discovers some of the hidden extras on offer in the world's most indulgent hotels. (S1, ep 5) 
15:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Big Middle Grissom and the team search for a killer at a convention for plus-sized people, while Catherine's group enter the world of high-stakes gambling in Vegas. (S5, ep 16) 
16:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Compulsion The CSIs investigate a set of murders in Las Vegas that seem linked to the work of a notorious serial killer, while the death of a teenage boy sparks family issues. (S5, ep 17) 
17:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Spark Of Life When Grissom links the suicide of a woman to the murders of an entire family, a harrowing tale of unfaithfulness and desperation is uncovered. (S5, ep 18) 
18:00Blue Bloods My Funny Valentine The Reagans investigate a case involving a kidnapped teenager and confused loyalties, while at the family home Nicky sets Erin up on a date. (S1, ep 14) 
19:00Blue Bloods Dedication When Frank is injured in a drive-by shooting, the Reagan clan show they're a force to be reckoned with as Danny heads up the subsequent investigation. (S1, ep 15) 
20:00Blue Bloods Age Of Innocence Danny leads the investigation when a teenage girl is found dead in an alleyway outside the venue of her debutante ball. (S1, ep 16) 
21:00New: My Brilliant Friend New & Exclusive. Chapter 13. The Betrayal: Elena finds herself the keeper of Donato Sarratore's secrets. Lila seizes an opportunity to throw the whole truth in Stefano's face. (S2, ep 5) 
22:10New: My Brilliant Friend New & Exclusive. Chapter 14. Rage: Elena works on her studies and looks towards a future outside the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, Lila decides to leave Stefano. (S2, ep 6) 
23:20Boardwalk Empire The Pony Nucky and Owen go shopping for a birthday pony, while Van Alden attends a meeting with Al Capone and Johnny Torrio. Strong language/violence. (S3, ep 8) 
00:35Boardwalk Empire The Milkmaid's Lot Reeling from Gyp Rosetti's most recent attack, Nucky vows to eliminate his nemesis through a coalition of familiar allies. Strong language/sex. (S3, ep 9) 
01:45CSI: Crime Scene Investigation What's Eating Gilbert Grissom When a deadly serial killer continues to outsmart him, Grissom's worries mount. Will he be able to stop the murderer before he strikes again? (S5, ep 6) 
02:35CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Ch Ch Changes A woman is stopped for erratic driving and later found dead. But the team are in for a shock when an autopsy reveals the victim was less feminine than she seemed. (S5, ep 8) 
03:25Blue Bloods After Hours Danny and Frank both face moral tests when work and home life collide to produce a pair of troublesome but very different personal dilemmas. (S1, ep 10) 
04:15Urban Secrets The series concludes as Alan visits Glasgow. Starting at the Necropolis, the actor's journey takes him from the world's oldest music hall to tea with a movie star. (8/8) 
05:05The British Treasure Island This factual series tells the story of our nation through CGI, re-enactments & interviews with famous faces. (1/7) 
06:00Blue Bloods My Aim is True Danny and Baez investigate a string of drive-by shootings, which they believe are tied to the recent release of six wrongly convicted prisoners. (S8, ep 22)