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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Sunday, September 22 2019

06:00Storm City From flash floods and storm surges to the relentless power of a tsunami, Ben Fogle finds out how people survive the raging torrent. (3/4) 
07:00Richard E Grant's Hotel... ...Secrets. Venice: In the final episode of the series, Richard travels to Italy to explore the most exclusive and exciting hotels in the Floating City. (S2, ep 6) 
08:00Without A Trace Fade-Away When a star high-school basketball player disappears after scoring the winning basket in a big game, one of the many suspects is a jealous teammate. (S5, ep 11) 
09:00Without A Trace Tail Spin When an air-traffic controller and his son vanish, the disappearance may have something to do with a recent mishap at the airport where the man works. (S5, ep 12) 
10:00Without A Trace Eating Away The team investigates when a champion competitive eater vanishes after being rushed to hospital following a big win. (S5, ep 13) 
11:00Without A Trace Primed When an artist whose paintings are based on strangers disappears, the team suspects that someone who is unhappy with being portrayed in her art is responsible. (S5, ep 14) 
12:00Without A Trace Desert Springs When a maintenance foreman at a water plant vanishes, the team discovers that he was harbouring many secrets, and a secret identity. (S5, ep 15) 
13:00Hotel Mumbai: Special A special look at the new true-life thriller set amid the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. A Sky original starring Dev Patel, Armie Hammer and Jason Isaacs. 
13:30Jane Fonda In Five Acts A deeper look at the life, work, activism and controversies of actress and fitness tycoon Jane Fonda. 
16:00Blue Bloods To Tell The Truth Danny is faced with his toughest decision yet when his professional life becomes personal and he has to choose between family and the force. (S1, ep 18) 
17:00Blue Bloods Model Behaviour Danny investigates when a TV presenter dies, while, at home, Frank looks into the family priest's surprising transfer to a church in Bolivia. (S1, ep 19) 
18:00Blue Bloods All That Glitters When a tourist is shot and killed outside a Lower East Side restaurant, Frank is forced to handle the media storm while Danny leads the investigation. (S1, ep 20) 
19:00Blue Bloods Cellar Boy The Reagans' latest case is far too close to home this week when Danny leads the investigation into the brutal murder of long-time family friends. (S1, ep 21) 
20:00Blue Bloods The Blue Templar The hit cop drama concludes its debut season, as the heat is turned up on the corrupt Blue Templar organisation and Joe's killer is set to be revealed... (S1, ep 22) 
21:00New: Real Time With Bill Maher New & Exclusive. Comic Bill Maher welcomes guests including former US ambassador and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Samantha Power for a lively discussion of the week's events. (S17, ep 28) 
22:10Succession Argestes An unexpected threat emerges as Logan tries to finalise the deal to buy the Pierce family's papers. Tom hears some distressing news from Greg. (S2, ep 6) 
23:20Euphoria The Trials And Tribulations Of Trying To Pee While Depressed Rue binge watches a reality show. Cassie seeks advice following Halloween. Contains adult themes. (S1, ep 7) 
00:30Ray Donovan Rodef Ray worries that Kate's article will lead to his arrest. Meanwhile, Mickey's robbery doesn't quite go to plan. Contains strong language. (S2, ep 11) 
01:30Girls I Love You Baby Season finale. Cracks start to appear in Adam and Jessa's relationship, while Hannah prepares for the Moth Story Slam. Contains strong language. (S5, ep 10) 
02:00New: Succession New & Exclusive. Return: Shiv shows up in search of answers when Kendall and Roman head to the UK to negotiate with their mother. Greg goes to great lengths to protect himself. (S2, ep 7) 
03:10Ray Donovan The Captain Season two concludes as Mickey heads to the races. Contains very strong language, violence, scenes of a sexual nature & flashing images. (S2, ep 12) 
04:20Fish Town Dreams become a reality when 17-year-old Logan takes to the high seas as an apprentice deck hand. Plus, landlady Pat enjoys a trip down memory lane, recalling the old days. (3/10) 
05:10Fish Town Competition is fierce as local merchant Robert and wife Kelly open up a fish and chip restaurant. Plus, follow the journey of the turbot as it goes from sea to the dinner plate. (4/10) 
06:00The British Tale of Two Cities The factual series explores the heaven and hell of Victorian London. Using CGI and drama, the vice, crime and poverty of the city is laid bare. (6/7)