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Listings for Scifi on Sunday, August 26 2018

06:00CSI: Miami Man Down Horatio and Delko are ambushed while searching for a court stenographer kidnapped by prison escapee Calvo Cruz. (S5 Ep15) 
07:00CSI: Miami Broken Home Investigating the murder of a babysitter's parents in an upscale neighbourhood, the team discover an unexpected love triangle is motive for murder. (S5 Ep16) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Martian Land Film In the future, humans living in domed cities on Mars must contend with lethal sandstorms that breach their defences. (2015) 
13:00Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Film The Enterprise crew travel into Earth's past to find some whales with whom a dangerously powerful alien probe is keen to converse. William Shatner stars. (1986) 
15:30Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Film Spock's long-lost half-brother, Sybok, hijacks the Enterprise and heads for the centre of the galaxy, where he hopes to find the Supreme Being. William Shatner stars. (1989) 
17:40Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered... ...Country A catastrophe leads the Klingons to seek peace with the Federation, but when the talks go awry Kirk and McCoy are framed for an assassination. William Shatner stars. (1991) 
20:00Divergent Film In a dystopian Chicago with a strict caste system, a young woman's aberrant test results make her a threat to the establishment. With Kate Winslet. (2014) 
22:50Against the Dark Film Steven Seagal stars as the leader of a group trying to escape flesh-eating zombies after the Earth's population is infected by a virus. (2009) 
01:00Road Wars Film An amnesiac awakens in a virus-ridden post-apocalyptic wasteland - and finds he is not alone in his struggle to survive in this hostile environment. (2015) 
03:00Dimension 404 Matchmaker Looking for love, a blogger tries a dating app -but things don't go according to plan. (S1 Ep1) 
04:00San Andreas Quake Film A seismologist's bad reputation means nobody will listen to her warnings of a quake that will separate LA from the mainland. Can she save her family? (2015) 
06:00CSI: Miami From The Grave The team must find the connection between two crime scenes: the killing of a drug dealer and the rape of a pregnant housekeeper. (S4 Ep1)