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Listings for Scifi on Sunday, June 2 2019

06:00Star Trek: Voyager One A nebula omits deadly radiation, forcing the crew to go into stasis and causing the Doctor's projectors to malfunction. Seven of Nine is left alone. (S4 Ep25) 
07:00Star Trek: Voyager Hope and Fear A coded message from Starfleet could hold the key to sending the crew home. Neelix and Paris befriend Arturis, who has the skills to decode it. (S4 Ep26) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Megalodon Film A military vessel searching for a mysterious submersible finds itself fighting off a lethal giant shark. With Michael Madsen. (2018) 
12:50The Land That Time Forgot Film Landing on an island, a group of castaways think they are saved - until they discover that the island is home to dinosaurs and a German U-boat crew. C Thomas Howell directs and stars. (2009) 
14:40Upside Down Film Can the love between two teenagers overcome the fact that their worlds' gravities pull in opposite directions? With Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst and Timothy Spall. (2012) 
16:50Chain Reaction Film A breakthrough in the search for a renewable energy source triggers a cross-country manhunt in this action thriller starring Keanu Reeves. (1996) 
19:00Flight of the Navigator Film A young boy learns that his brain holds hidden memories of a trip to a distant planet aboard an alien spaceship. With Sarah Jessica Parker and Paul Reubens. (1986) 
21:00Reign of Fire Film A long-dormant species of dragon has reawakened, almost wiping out humanity. A small band of survivors attempt to fight back. Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey star. (2002) 
23:10The Shepherd Film A former New Orleans cop goes up against Mexican drug smugglers and their former special forces associates in a Texas town. Jean-Claude Van Damme stars. (2008) 
01:10Night of the Witch Film In 1989, a group of teens ignore a local legend and put on a Hallowe'en party - a decision they will soon come to regret. (2017) 
03:00Star Trek: The Next Generation The Loss Troi is faced with the loss of her empathic abilities when the Enterprise is caught in a cloud of two-dimensional beings. (S4 Ep10) 
04:00Avengers Grimm: Time Wars Film Rumpelstiltskin escapes and plots the conquest of Earth, obliging fairytale heroes to chase him down at different points in history. (2018) 
06:00Star Trek: Voyager Night When Voyager travels through a region of dark space that contains high amounts of theta radiation, the ship loses power. (S5 Ep1)