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Listings for Scifi on Tuesday, September 24 2019

06:00Star Trek: Voyager Drive When Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres pilot the Delta Flyer together in a sub-warp race, Paris considers proposing. (S7 Ep3) 
07:00Star Trek: Voyager Repression When mysterious attacks begin occurring aboard the ship, Captain Janeway and Chakotay realise that all victims are ex-Maquis. (S7 Ep4) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Merlin The Hunter's Heart Morgana allies herself with the warlord Helios, plotting Camelot's downfall while Arthur is distracted by the beautiful Princess Mithian. (S4 Ep11) 
12:00Atlantic Rim 2 Film Los Angeles is under attack by monsters. The mechs attempting to fight them off are better armed than their precursors - but so are the creatures. (2017) 
14:00Merlin The Sword in the Stone - Part 1: As Morgana's army attacks Camelot, Arthur and Merlin are forced to flee. Can a gang of smugglers help them escape? (S4 Ep12) 
15:00Stargate: Atlantis First Strike The Apollo, under the command of Colonel Abe Ellis, is sent to launch a counter-attack against a fleet of ships built by the Asurans. (S3 Ep20) 
16:00Star Trek: Voyager Waking Moments Chakotay tries to keep things together when the crew are trapped in the same nightmare by an alien species that only functions in the dream world. (S4 Ep13) 
17:00Star Trek: Voyager Message in a Bottle: When the Romulans take over a Starfleet vessel and attempt to travel back to Romulan space, the Doctor is the only one who can save the ship. (S4 Ep14) 
18:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Man Of The People When Deanna finds herself growing increasingly attracted to an alien ambassador, her body has an adverse reaction and begins ageing rapidly. (S6 Ep3) 
19:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Relics Seventy-five years after he disappeared, Scotty is found suspended in a transporter beam. He is brought back to life but has trouble adjusting. (S6 Ep4) 
20:00Stargate: Atlantis Adrift Atlantis tries to avoid the Replicators' satellite weapon. Dr McKay and Dr Keller must make a tough decision about the injured Elizabeth Weir. (S4 Ep1) 
21:00Spider-Man 3 Film A shape-shifting black entity bonds with Peter Parker and gradually transforms him as our hero contends with new villains, temptations and revenge. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst star. (2007) 
00:00Day of Reckoning Film Fifteen years after they first attacked, subterranean monsters return to plague humanity once again. (2017) 
02:00Star Trek: The Next Generation The Perfect Mate An empathic Metamorph which could be the peacemaker between two warring factions is in danger of being abducted by the Ferengi. (S5 Ep21) 
03:00Killjoys Terraformance Anxiety With the Lady's terraforming plans becoming a reality, the Killjoy trio scramble to find a way to defeat her. (S5 Ep9) 
04:00Grimm's Snow White Film The beautiful Snow White flees into an enchanted forest when the ruthless Queen Gwendolyn plots to have her killed. Fantasy drama with Eliza Bennett. (2012) 
06:00Star Trek: Voyager Critical Care When aliens steal the Doctor's program, he is forced to work at a hospital. While there, he manages to provide ethical care to its patients. (S7 Ep5)