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Listings for Scifi on Monday, September 23 2019

06:00Star Trek: Voyager Unimatrix Zero - Part 2: Janeway's scheme to cause trouble for the Borg Collective goes ahead, despite the risk that it could result in the destruction of Unimatrix Zero. (S7 Ep1) 
07:00Star Trek: Voyager Imperfection When Seven of Nine's ocular implant malfunctions, further inspections by the Doctor reveal that she needs a new cortical node or she will die. (S7 Ep2) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Merlin A Herald of the New Age In a forest, Camelot's knights stumble across an eerie shrine. When Elyan ignores Merlin's warning and disturbs it, terrifying events ensue. (S4 Ep10) 
12:00Atlantic Rim Film The US government's only option to protect the Eastern Seaboard from giant monsters is issuing three maverick soldiers with robot exoskeletons. (2013) 
14:00Merlin The Hunter's Heart Morgana allies herself with the warlord Helios, plotting Camelot's downfall while Arthur is distracted by the beautiful Princess Mithian. (S4 Ep11) 
15:00Stargate: Atlantis Vengeance When they lose contact with the Taranin settlement, Sheppard's team sets out to discover what happened and finds the town deserted. (S3 Ep19) 
16:00Star Trek: Voyager Concerning Flight When alien pirates steal some of Voyager's technology, Janeway and Tuvok are assisted in their search by a holographic Leonardo da Vinci. (S4 Ep11) 
17:00Star Trek: Voyager Mortal Coil When Neelix dies and is revived using modified Borg technology, he finds it hard to adjust and begins to question his beliefs about an afterlife. (S4 Ep12) 
18:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Time's Arrow - Part 2: When Captain Picard and his crew travel back to the 1800s to find Data, they gather some disturbing information. (S6 Ep1) 
19:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Realm Of Fear Lieutenant Barclay finds that his fear of using transporters is warranted when he discovers aliens within the transporter beam. (S6 Ep2) 
20:00Stargate: Atlantis First Strike The Apollo, under the command of Colonel Abe Ellis, is sent to launch a counter-attack against a fleet of ships built by the Asurans. (S3 Ep20) 
21:00New: The Outpost Nothing Short of Heroic Garret runs into Talon, who is now a Prime Order captive, while Janzo becomes desperate to find a plagueling cure. (S2 Ep11) 
22:00Priest Film Centuries of war between humans and vampires lead to the rise of a militant theocracy. Now, something different at last appears possible. Paul Bettany, Karl Urban and Lily Collins star. (2011) 
23:50Future Man Pandora's Mailbox Trying to steal fuel in the future, Josh, Tiger and Wolf must contend with a smart house's advanced security measures. (S1 Ep7) 
00:30Future Man Girth, Wind & Fire When Josh's mother is abducted, he's adamant that Tiger and Wolf must help him rescue her before they complete the mission. (S1 Ep8) 
01:00The Outpost Nothing Short of Heroic Garret runs into Talon, who is now a Prime Order captive, while Janzo becomes desperate to find a plagueling cure. (S2 Ep11) 
02:00Star Trek: The Next Generation The First Duty When Wesley Crusher's team suffers an accident at Starfleet Academy, Picard helps investigate its cause, and believes a cover-up is taking place. (S5 Ep19) 
03:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Cost Of Living The Enterprise manages to destroy an asteroid that was putting a planet at risk, but then is itself in danger from the asteroid's parasites. (S5 Ep20) 
04:002012: Supernova Film A scientist strives to shield Earth from the blast wave of a stellar explosion, but a doomsday cult seek to sabotage his efforts. (2009) 
06:00Star Trek: Voyager Drive When Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres pilot the Delta Flyer together in a sub-warp race, Paris considers proposing. (S7 Ep3)