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Listings for Scifi on Saturday, May 26 2018

06:00Lavalantula Film An ancient volcano erupts in the Santa Monica mountains, spewing out gigantic fire-breathing spiders that wreak havoc on Los Angeles. Steve Guttenberg stars. (2015) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Marvel's Runaways Refraction A future Chase warns Victor against using the fistigons. Molly attempts to make new friends, with limited success. (S1 Ep7) 
12:00Atlantis The Price of Hope Driven by his obsession with Medusa, an impatient Hercules leads his friends into even greater danger, testing their courage to the limit. (S1 Ep10) 
13:00The Librarians And the Bleeding Crown Flynn is awed at the chance to team up with his Librarian hero Darrington Dare, but Dare has a baleful warning for him. (S4 Ep5) 
14:00Magellan Film After NASA picks up some mysterious signals from within our solar system, an astronaut is dispatched on a multi-year solo mission to investigate. (2017) 
16:10Oceans Rising Film When the authorities fail to heed his warnings that a cataclysmic flood is imminent, a scientist takes action - by constructing a gigantic ark. (2017) 
18:00Shaolin Soccer Film Shaolin monks use their mystical skills to win easily on the football field, until they meet a team of technologically augmented superhumans. (2001) 
19:50Ghost Town Film After a dentist becomes able to see and communicate with the dead, he gets embroiled in one spook's attempt to break up his widow's new relationship. Ricky Gervais stars. (2008) 
22:00Against the Dark Film Steven Seagal stars as the leader of a group trying to escape flesh-eating zombies after the Earth's population is infected by a virus. (2009) 
00:00Road Wars Film An amnesiac awakens in a virus-ridden post-apocalyptic wasteland - and finds he is not alone in his struggle to survive in this hostile environment. (2015) 
02:00Night of the Witch Film In 1989, a group of teens ignore a local legend and put on a Hallowe'en party -?a decision they will soon come to regret. (2017) 
04:00The Land That Time Forgot Film Landing on an island, a group of castaways think they are saved - until they discover that the island is home to dinosaurs and a German U-Boat crew. C Thomas Howell directs and stars. (2009) 
06:00San Andreas Quake Film A seismologist's bad reputation means nobody will listen to her warnings of a quake that will separate LA from the mainland. Can she save her family? (2015)